Connecticut Boys XC Class M - SS - S Previews + NEPSTA Group

Class S's Top Runners

A half dozen guys here are possibly running at the top of the class this year.

Nate Kita (East Windsor). The Panther senior is the lead runner back from the 2019 Class S race and he was the winner at last year's NCCC - East championship.

Sean Kennedy-Wonneburger (Hale-Ray).The Noise senior was 6th both at the 2019 Class S meet and last year's Shoreline championship.

Michael Kraszewski (Hale-Ray). The Noise Junior finished in the top 10 last fall at the Shoreline championship and was 21st at the 2019 Class S meet.

Owen Delisle (Portland).The Highlander sophomore took 10th at the Shoreline championship.

Tiarnan Doyle (Bolton). If he is returning, the Bulldog sophomore who was 2nd in the NCCC - East race last fall could lead a strong Bolton team.

Silas Gourley (Bolton). The Bulldog junior was in the top 20 in the 2019 Class S race and 10th in last year's NCC - East race.