CIAC Class Meet Preview: Class L

Boys Class L 

Start time- 9:15 a.m. 

Class L just got a whole lot tougher when Xavier moved down from Class LL.  The Falcons return a good chunk of their lineup from last year's State Open, New England and NXN Regional championship team.  They have a solid top three that should contend for the individual title with William Curran, Peter Schulten and Dillon Selfors.  The one question mark is if All New England runner Robbie Cozean will race. 

According to his coach Chris Stonier "He's in great shape.  He foot was causing him some discomfort but the MRI did not show a stress fracture.  I'm going to use this week to assess his foot and then determine which race to have him run."

Without Cozean, they might not defend their regional title, but they have so many other athletes who have stepped up and could help them win, including freshman Eamon Burke (no relation to Xavier great JT) who has settled into the #4 spot.

Bristol Central finished a very respectable 3rd in the 28 team CCC.  While they might not be at Xavier's level, they could take that 2nd spot in Class L.  They had a 28 second 1-5 man split and a 17:11 average so that puts them in contention for the runner up spot.

Pomperaug boys finally took home the SWC title after four years of taking the runner up spot.  They were able to squeeze past perennial SWC power New Milford by four points.  The two conference rivals will get their chance once again to battle it out once again for a spot at the State Open.  Throw in much improved New Canaan and you have one competitive meet.  

According to the CIAC "The Open Meet will be made up of the top two teams from each division decided by points, plus eight additional teams decided by having the fastest team times."  Many times, the eight fastest teams come from Class LL, but there should be at least one from Class L to advance to the next week.  But that also means there will probably be a good team sitting home next Friday.  

Individually, you have the New Milford's Eli Nahom, the SWC Champion vs Andrew Malling of New Canaan with Xavier's pack in the lead group.  Nahom is the defending champion and he hasn't been seriously challenged all year, but he knows how to race.  Then there is Manning, who was 16th in Class L last year over a minute behind Nahom.  Throw in three runners from the Xavier who can work together and want to finish high not just for themselves, but their team and you have a very interesting race. 

Do you root for the favorite, who is looking to add to his already extensive resumes?  Do you root for the underdog, who last year had no business thinking about being in the winner's circle and just put in a lot of mileage this summer so his dreams can become a reality?  Or do you root for Xavier's magical year to repeat itself again and bring an individual gold medal on top of a team gold?  There is certainly a lot of drama in this race and one thing is for certain-  the good guy will win this race.  The only question is, which one?

Class L Meet Projections

The following results have been submitted to results to

1Xavier High School (CT)55
1) William Curran16:05.003
2) Peter Schulten16:15.004
3) Dillon Selfors16:18.005
4) Eamon Burke16:54.0016
5) Julen Lujambio17:11.0027
Average Time: 16:32.60 Total Time: 1:22:43.00 1-5 Split: 1:06.00
6) Noah San Vicente17:17.0029
7) Ryan Grochowski17:25.0034
2Bristol Central High School (CT)102
1) Nate Deangelo16:44.009
2) Mark Petrosky16:54.0015
3) Pacifico Flores17:00.0019
4) Devin Flores17:10.0023
5) Jose Ramirez17:27.8036
Average Time: 17:03.16 Total Time: 1:25:15.80 1-5 Split: 43.80
6) Benjamin Stafford17:51.0050
7) Ian Kreciglowa18:24.0074
3New Canaan High School (CT)106
1) Andrew Malling15:47.422
2) Ryan Lytle16:48.7011
3) Alessandro Malagoli16:51.4014
4) Luca Palamenti17:32.2037
5) Cem Geray17:40.7442
Average Time: 16:56.09 Total Time: 1:24:40.46 1-5 Split: 1:53.32
6) Ajamo Carraby Jones17:48.9048
7) Dylan Imbruce17:58.8055
4New Milford High School (CT)134
1) Eli Nahom15:40.001
2) Garred Farrell16:47.0010
3) Robert Harkin17:11.0026
4) Jason Golembeski17:20.2632
5) Connor Delpha18:13.0065
Average Time: 17:02.25 Total Time: 1:25:11.26 1-5 Split: 2:33.00
6) Michael Rafferty18:29.0078
7) Gabriel Rocca18:32.0081
5Pomperaug High (CT)164
1) Eric Rosenhein16:57.5617
2) Trey Generali17:04.4321
3) Timothy Monahan17:32.2138
4) Sam Holst-grube17:36.2041
5) Hayden Godfrey17:47.4747
Average Time: 17:23.57 Total Time: 1:26:57.87 1-5 Split: 49.91
6) Dan Collette17:51.3751
7) Noah Johnson18:17.2970
6Newington High School (CT)196
1) Samuel Geisler16:50.0012
2) Aiden Toth16:51.0013
3) Michael Bohlke17:24.0033
4) Serhiy Demyanov18:13.2067
5) Nicholas Fittz18:17.4071
Average Time: 17:31.12 Total Time: 1:27:35.60 1-5 Split: 1:27.40
6) Joseph Bohlke18:24.5075
7) Kenneth Flores20:00.40138
7Darien High School (CT)218
1) Cormac Brown16:27.587
2) Lucas Madariaga17:10.1024
3) Will Bouton17:32.6039
4) Brett Vrooman18:03.8658
5) Matthew Guttuso18:42.3990
Average Time: 17:35.31 Total Time: 1:27:56.53 1-5 Split: 2:14.81
6) Evan O'rourke18:55.57105
7) James Ballentine19:03.99110
8Wilton High School (CT)220
1) Davis Cote16:59.2918
2) Flynn Crowther17:44.8946
3) Nicholas Ivanov17:49.6349
4) Ben Leung17:55.9153
5) Tyler Zengo17:57.0054
Average Time: 17:41.34 Total Time: 1:28:26.72 1-5 Split: 57.71
6) Ryan Healey18:54.68102
7) Connor Healey19:14.26116
9Cheshire High School (CT)229
1) Brendan Mellitt16:24.206
2) Francis Simpatico17:17.3030
3) Charlie Pettit18:04.9059
4) Thomas Longmore18:13.0066
5) Yasin Tarabar18:13.7068
Average Time: 17:38.62 Total Time: 1:28:13.10 1-5 Split: 1:49.50
6) Richmond Le18:34.1085
7) Parker Arai18:49.0097
10Middletown High School (CT)234
1) Matt Lecky16:41.008
2) Sean Ahern17:04.0020
3) Tim Johnson18:12.0064
4) Aidan Dunn18:14.0069
5) Justin Karpel18:22.0073
Average Time: 17:42.60 Total Time: 1:28:33.00 1-5 Split: 1:41.00
6) Alexander Kalber18:26.0076
7) Konstantin Ditc18:33.7084
11Wethersfield High School (CT)276
1) Owen Gagne17:17.0028
2) Mike Dunn17:33.6040
3) Alec Arnold18:02.3056
4) Connor Pratt18:17.6072
5) Evan McNeice18:30.9080
Average Time: 17:56.28 Total Time: 1:29:41.40 1-5 Split: 1:13.90
6) Liam Stec19:19.40120
7) Aiden Stec19:38.40131
12Daniel Hand High School (CT)298
1) Dante Zucconi17:19.2031
2) Connor Parthasarthy18:03.0057
3) Carson Hines18:05.0060
4) Lukas Kraemer18:05.0061
5) Jack Scherban18:42.0089
Average Time: 18:02.84 Total Time: 1:30:14.20 1-5 Split: 1:22.80
6) Joseph Genther18:47.0095
7) Sam Hauser18:55.40104
13Fitch High School (CT)365
1) Ian Poe17:40.9043
2) Ryan Poe17:55.6052
3) Shea Kenney18:33.0083
4) Simin Chidley18:46.0093
5) Dan Gaiewski18:46.3094
Average Time: 18:20.36 Total Time: 1:31:41.80 1-5 Split: 1:05.40
6) Carson Riley18:58.50107
7) Ben Chidley19:34.70128
14Notre Dame-West Haven (CT)385
1) Thomas Minar17:41.0044
2) Oliver Shannon18:27.0077
3) Jacob Carson18:38.0086
4) Ohm Patel18:39.0087
5) Jacob Torres18:43.0091
Average Time: 18:25.60 Total Time: 1:32:08.00 1-5 Split: 1:02.00
6) Devin Rodriquez18:51.0098
7) Anthony Bruno18:52.00100
15Naugatuck High School (CT)393
1) Tim Bristol17:41.9045
2) Charles Marenghi18:10.6063
3) Bryce Cegielski18:40.6088
4) Austin Herb18:48.3096
5) Brendon Soubannarath18:54.30101
Average Time: 18:27.14 Total Time: 1:32:15.70 1-5 Split: 1:12.40
6) Matthew Nofri19:00.80109
7) David Garces19:31.20125
16John F. Kennedy High School (CT)508
1) Alexander Brites17:10.7025
2) Derek Yates18:56.50106
3) Sergio Guevara19:11.40115
4) Sebastian Rosario19:33.00127
5) Aaron Lamar19:45.30135
Average Time: 18:55.38 Total Time: 1:34:36.90 1-5 Split: 2:34.60
6) Harold Garcia20:20.90144
7) Weiyi Zhang24:13.80172
17South Windsor High School (CT)531
1) Trevor Anthony18:09.1062
2) Ryan Carterud19:00.00108
3) Tyler Goudreault19:09.40113
4) Emmanuel Mokel19:17.10118
5) Andrew Biron19:37.30130
Average Time: 19:02.58 Total Time: 1:35:12.90 1-5 Split: 1:28.20
6) Aaron Matus19:51.00136
7) Griffin Bryan20:06.00140
18Bristol Eastern High School (CT)547
1) Ben Wadowski18:32.6082
2) Seth Anderson18:55.00103
3) Niko Provenzano19:16.30117
4) Sean Sullivan19:26.00122
5) Gabriel Bartolome19:26.00123
Average Time: 19:07.18 Total Time: 1:35:35.90 1-5 Split: 53.40
6) Zach Martin19:32.00126
7) Parker Dayton20:18.90142
19Bunnell High School (CT)602
1) Dennis Johnson18:30.3079
2) Jonathan Gulish18:51.0499
3) Nicholas Gloria19:40.51132
4) Matthew Mirowski20:19.01143
5) Mario Oliva20:33.49149
Average Time: 19:34.87 Total Time: 1:37:54.35 1-5 Split: 2:03.19
6) Maurice Neari21:28.00157
7) Henry Gloria21:37.27161
20Hartford Public High School (CT)602
1) Sadadine Adam17:09.8022
2) Aboubakar Adam19:31.00124
3) Miguel Flores20:25.20146
4) Joseph Cotto21:10.70154
5) Christian Viera21:21.90156
Average Time: 19:55.72 Total Time: 1:39:38.60 1-5 Split: 4:12.10
6) Chadrick Watson21:55.60162
7) Ta Mala Htoo22:15.60164
21Farmington High School (CT)607
1) Brendan Kelly18:45.0092
2) Nick Calcavecchia19:09.00112
3) Ethan Grubelich19:20.00121
4) Alen Joseph19:54.00137
5) Calcavecchia Jack20:23.00145
Average Time: 19:30.20 Total Time: 1:37:31.00 1-5 Split: 1:38.00
6) Cameron Turnbull21:17.00155
7) Paul Harris21:35.30160
22Windsor High School (CT)657
1) Cameron Abbot19:11.00114
2) Jibril Traore19:37.00129
3) Zachary Giguere19:43.00133
4) Jonathan Lattimer19:44.00134
5) Matthew Hallgren20:29.00147
Average Time: 19:44.80 Total Time: 1:38:44.00 1-5 Split: 1:18.00
6) Benjamin Levesque20:29.10148
7) Brenden Wolliston20:40.00151
23Crosby High School (CT)671
1) Elijah Lewis17:26.7035
2) Markeese Days20:01.80139
3) Daniel Medina22:01.00163
4) Jeremy Flores22:22.40166
5) Malik Patrick22:42.70168
Average Time: 20:54.92 Total Time: 1:44:34.60 1-5 Split: 5:16.00
6) Joxel Guerrero23:39.40170
7) Nelson Menovich24:18.50173
24Maloney High School (CT)673
1) Reynaldo Torres19:05.80111
2) Dominic Oliveri19:17.60119
3) Simon Santos20:10.00141
4) Evan Avery20:39.30150
5) Andrew Debose20:49.90152
Average Time: 20:00.52 Total Time: 1:40:02.60 1-5 Split: 1:44.10
6) Jack Flores21:07.40153
7) Jomar Rotger22:19.70165
25Wilby High School (CT)824
1) Nabeel Ali21:33.60158
2) Angel Martinez21:34.30159
3) Bryan Valdez22:30.60167
4) Jan Carlos Rivera23:01.40169
5) Nathaniel Irizarry23:59.60171
Average Time: 22:31.90 Total Time: 1:52:39.50 1-5 Split: 2:26.00