Up Close with Amy Taintor

Milesplit-CT  recently asked E.O.Smith Junior Amy Taintor a few questions about  her season, goals for the CIAC Championship Meets, and future plans. She holds school records in the Long Jump, 100 Meters, 300 Meter Hurdles, Long Jump, and 400 Meters . She will certainly score her share of points for E.O. Smith in the Class "L" Championships next week.

We would like to thank Amy and Coach Dale for providing us with this great interview.

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A few thoughts from E.O. Smith Coach Darren Dale:   

"Amy is the rare high school athlete that possesses immense athletic talent and a formidable work ethic. She is an intelligent athlete, with an exceptional willingness and capacity to understand coaching instruction. An example of this is her progress in the hurdles this spring season.  Amy went over her first ever hurdle in practice in mid-April. Within a very short time period, she has made a remarkable improvement. This reflects her determination and commitment to being the very best she can be."

"Amy will focus on the hurdles and long jump for the remainder of this season. Her potential in the 400m is also considerable.  She has a smooth and graceful running style, good speed, and a desire to work very hard in practice. (Unfortunately she is unable to compete in the 400m at CIAC meets in both the 300 hurdles and 400m, due to the events being too close together).  She is an absolute pleasure to coach, and has a strong future in the sport of track and field. "

How long have you been competing in Track and Field and how did you get started?

I started participating in Track & Field during my Freshman year of high school.  I did it because friends, coaches and parents were asking me to give it a try.  I didn't commit myself to the sport, however, until the end of my Sophomore year.

 What are your best times/distances?
My personal best performances are: Long Jump 18'9.5",  100m 12.23, 200m 25.25,  400m 57.96,  300m Hurdles 43.36, and 400m Hurdles 63.71.
What is your favorite Track and Field event?
The 400 Hurdles is my favorite event even though I just started hurdling about a month ago.   I love the fast rhythmic running and clearing those hurdles!

Tell us how your training is going has been going ?
 My training this season has been going very well. It is focused on speed and power. I am working with a new Coach, Darren Dale, who is extremely technical and very positive.  He's as dedicated to helping me reach my potential as I am.  I'm excited for the rest of the season!
What are your goal for the last few weeks of the season ?
I qualified in several events for States. I have chosen to focus on the 300 Hurdles, the 200 meter dash and the Long Jump at the CIAC Class L meet.   One main goal is to qualify for the Championship Division at New Balance Nationals in the 400 Hurdles. My other goals are to long jump over 19 feet and to run personal bests in the hurdles and the 200m before the end of this season.
What has been the Highlight of your season up to this point?
The highlight of my spring season so far has been competing at the Glenn D. Loucks Games in White Plains,  New York. It was great to compete against such talented athletes. I long jumped my PR of 18'9.5" at that meet, placing first - and earning my first trophy!
What is your favorite Track and Field memory?
My favorite track memory is of competing in the 2012 Indoor New Balance Nationals.  It really opened my eyes to what is possible to achieve for times and distances at the high school level.  I was so inspired by the other athletes and left there determined to qualify for Seeded Nationals this Spring! 
Is there an athlete that you find inspirational?
 My older brother Mitchell,  a soccer player at Rutgers University, is the athlete I find most inspirational.  I grew up going to many of his soccer games, tournaments and practices.  He's shown me that no matter how much adversity you face, if you believe in yourself, nothing can hold you back.  He was, and still is, the hardest worker I know.  He's taught me by example, that you can always strive to be better. 
When not training what is your favorite thing to do?
 When I'm not training, I LOVE to shop, hang out with friends and eat...a lot!
 What are you future plans?
After high school, I plan to go to college and continue running track.  At the moment, I'm interested in studying Psychology.