Catching up with 2 Time Olympian- Donn Cabral

Most teams do some type of time trial at the beginning of the season, but none do it quite like Hall High School in West Hartford. 

Each Hall athlete was place in a group with runners of similar ability to race against. One of Hall's coaches/alumni/special guests will be leading the group and will set an appropriate pace for the group. The way the "Challenge" works is that everyone in the group runs with the leader for as long as they can, for up to 8 laps (2 miles). For the first 7 laps you *cannot* pass the leader. If you keep up for 7 laps, then on the 8th and final lap, you can run as hard as you can and try to beat your leader. If you do - you win a prize. 

The best part about the evening was one of the pace setters was non other than two time Olympian Donn Cabral, the former Glastonbury All American, currently running with the Hoka NJ-NY Track Club. Here he talks about his days at Glastonbury, running as a professional and what it takes to excel as a runner at any level.