Girls 2022 CIAC Divisional Championships Preview

We've done our best to glean through the scattered results from CT's XC meets to put together a preview that provides at least some info about the expectations in the Class meet battles for the girls tomorrow. Quite a number of the conferences failed to report the results of their League meets, so many of the smaller schools especially are missing from the projections below. Maybe next year the results will flow in better.

Deciphering the clues about how CT teams stack up is challenging since the squads run on courses of many different distances and terrain types, meet results are sketchily reported and some of the league contests including the Berkshire never sent in their data, and few of the teams ran in meets that got speed rated. So as always, there is a huge amount of uncertainty about what will happen at the Divisional meet.

So we've made our best stab at putting together a lineup of the six girls Class races, which begin on Saturday for them with L race at 9:00 AM, LL at 10:10, S at 11:20, SS at 12:55, M at 2:05, and end off with the MM race at 3:15 PM.

Check out the Class race previews below.

Class Previews

Class LL Championship

Class L Championship

Class MM Championship

Class M Championship

Class SS Championship

Class S Championship