CIAC State Open Preview

Boys Hurdles

The battle of the Joshua's seems to be set go here, but Eamon Sweeney is also in the hunt. And if the hurdles don't click right for Sweeney and Mooney, they still always have the javelin.

100 Meter Hurdles Leaders

Joshua Mooney (Stonington) 14.65, Joshua Clarke (Windsor) 14.82, Eamon Sweeney (Haddam-Killingworth) 14.82, Michael Johnson (Lewis Mills) 15.16, Blake Battaglia (Wilbur Cross) 15.45, Gregory Foster (Norwalk) 15.54

300 Meter Hurdles Leaders

Joshua Clarke (Windsor) 39.15, Eamon Sweeney (Haddam-Killingworth) 39.67, Joshua Mooney (Stonington) 39.87, Gregory Foster (Norwalk) 39.82, Michael Johnson (Lewis Mills) 40.02, Matthew Gibbs (Hillhouse) 40.38