CIAC State Open Preview

Girls Sprints

Alanna Smith is top seeded in both the 100m and 200m and has the 8th best seed in the 400m where she is the defending champ from two years ago as a freshman. Raquel Rosa is top seed in the 400m and 4th seed in the 200m. Francine Stevens is seeded 2nd in both the 100m and 200m. So there is some chance for a double from the sprints. But the competition is brutal here, and a number of freshmen are part of the problem.

100 Meter Leaders

Alanna Smith (Danbury) 12.25, Francine Stevens (Staples) 12.29, Jalena Martin (frosh, Ellington) 12.57, Claire Gillis (Conard) 12.63, Shelby Dejana (Wilton) 12.67, Livvy Pizzitola (Southington) 12.77

200 Meter Leaders

Alanna Smith (Danbury) 24.85, Francine Stevens (Staples) 25.22, Claire Gillis (Conard) 25.84, Raquel Rosa (Holy Cross) 25.86, Marie Kane (frosh, Derby) 26.10, Shelby Dejana (Wilton) 26.16

400 Meter Leaders

Raquel Rosa (Holy Cross) 57.03, Olivia Walters (frosh, Brookfield) 58.20, Riley Powers (Newtown) 58.43, Brittani Westberry (Windsor) 58.70, Gabriella Hernandez (frosh, EO Smith) 58.73, Anna Brodeur (Old Saybrook) 59.12