Connecticut XC Week 1 Rankings

CT teams are hitting the duals, attending some invitationals, and rounding into shape. We are giving a very early look at how each of the CIAC classes may be shaping up, but there is still a vast area of uncertainty.

First, the majority of CT teams have no reported results as of yet, and if a team runs in the forest and no one hears about it ....

Second, there have been very few head-to-head matches between the top teams in the classes, and the invitationals have been lightly attended up to now.

Third, the results that have been posted online have been run at maybe five different distances and on a variety of courses, so comparisons are hard to make. Plus, some teams may get some extra attention for having the best costume get-ups at meets like today's Southington Sloper invite.

But still we give it all a shot. Lots more to come. Cheers to all.