Boys Class LL Predictions

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Danbury looks once again to be the favorite but they will be challenged by Hamden's sprinters and Staples' distance runners.  

Team Scores

1Danbury High School103.17
2Hamden High School70.33
3Staples High School58.67
4Trumbull High School51.2
5Shelton High School44
6East Hartford High School41.66
7Norwich Free Academy41.17
8Westhill High School30
9Newtown High School29
9Ridgefield High School29
11Greenwich High School28.67
12Brien McMahon High School25.5
13Fairfield Prep High School25
14Amity High School23.87
15Glastonbury High School21.2
15Xavier High School21.2
17Cheshire High School21
18Southington High School20
19Norwalk High School10
20Enfield High School6.37
21New Britain High School1

100 Meter Dash

1Jawaun Johnson2017Norwich Free Academy10.87 10
2Camron Fowlin2017Hamden High School10.95 8
3Gregory Anderson2018Fairfield Prep High School11.04 6
4Christopher Pigatt2020Amity High School11.08 4.5
4Joel Stewart2019Enfield High School11.08 4.5
6Christopher Cledera2018Danbury High School11.11 3
7Aaron Agosto2017Danbury High School11.14 2
8Derek Calloway2017East Hartford High School11.18 0.333
8Justin Mccray2017East Hartford High School11.18 0.333
8Stanley Arrington Jr2017Hamden High School11.18 0.333
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200 Meter Dash

1Deshaun Givens2017East Hartford High School21.80 10
2Jamar Eaton2018East Hartford High School22.15 8
3Jawaun Johnson2017Norwich Free Academy22.32 6
4Camron Fowlin2017Hamden High School22.38 5
5Sean-Michael Parkinson2018Danbury High School22.45 4
6Edmond Olivacce2017Danbury High School22.60 3
7Aaron Agosto2017Danbury High School22.67 2
8Derek Calloway2017East Hartford High School22.70 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Tyler Gleen2017Trumbull High School48.70 10
2Kevin Antoine2017Hamden High School49.79 8
3Terrell Cunningham2017Danbury High School50.02 6
4Sean-Michael Parkinson2018Danbury High School50.27 5
5Andrew Rison2019Glastonbury High School50.53 4
6Maxwell Kwartang2019East Hartford High School50.85 3
7Malcolm Going2019Danbury High School50.92 2
8John Mayes2018Hamden High School50.95 1
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800 Meter Run

1Tyler Gleen2017Trumbull High School1:51.82 10
2Terrell Cunningham2017Danbury High School1:54.02 8
3Daniel Campbell2017Danbury High School1:55.52 6
4Shawn Odei-ntiri2017Hamden High School1:55.91 5
5Nick Fitch2017Norwich Free Academy1:56.25 4
6Tyler Rubush2018Trumbull High School1:56.99 3
7Malcolm Going2019Danbury High School1:57.48 2
8Brian MacCordy2017Staples High School1:58.47 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Zakeer Ahmad2017Staples High School4:21.73 10
2Brendan Murray2018Cheshire High School4:21.89 8
3William Landowne2018Staples High School4:23.13 6
4Drew Thompson2018Fairfield Prep High School4:23.17 5
5Christopher Reeves2017Glastonbury High School4:23.60 4
6Trevor Reed2017Danbury High School4:25.00 3
7Bradford Demassa2017Ridgefield High School4:25.66 2
8Owen Lally2018Xavier High School4:26.75 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Zakeer Ahmad2017Staples High School8:58.86 10
2Brendan Murray2018Cheshire High School9:06.49 8
3Drew Thompson2018Fairfield Prep High School9:14.66 6
4Benjamin Seiple2018Staples High School9:28.04 5
5Bradford Demassa2017Ridgefield High School9:29.94 4
6Dan Nichols2018Danbury High School9:33.45 3
7Brandon Harrington2017Staples High School9:35.87 2
8Robert Dillon2019Shelton High School9:37.19 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Ethan Shuster2017Shelton High School14.90 10
2Zach Deptula2017Shelton High School15.13 8
3Elijah Rodriguez2019Southington High School15.17 6
4Thomas Vilinskis2018Ridgefield High School15.66 5
5Neeraj Badshah2017Shelton High School15.69 4
6Colin Mclevy2017Trumbull High School15.75 3
7Katrell Clay2017Norwalk High School15.79 2
8Brett Deri2018Newtown High School15.82 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Virgil Harrell2017Hamden High School38.90 10
2Katrell Clay2017Norwalk High School39.87 8
3Elijah Rodriguez2019Southington High School40.54 6
4Brett Deri2018Newtown High School41.01 5
5Zach Deptula2017Shelton High School41.11 4
6Daniel Koproski2017Amity High School41.23 3
7Thomas Vilinskis2018Ridgefield High School41.30 2
8Ethan Shuster2017Shelton High School41.64 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Danbury High School42.36 10
2Hamden High School42.62 8
3Hamden High School42.77 6
4East Hartford High School43.38 5
5Norwich Free Academy43.63 4
6Brien McMahon High School43.84 3
7Greenwich High School43.97 2
8Shelton High School44.10 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Danbury High School3:23.28 10
2Hamden High School3:23.73 8
3Trumbull High School3:25.58 6
4Hamden High School3:25.84 5
5East Hartford High School3:26.73 4
6Staples High School3:27.93 3
7Ridgefield High School3:28.66 2
8Glastonbury High School3:29.37 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Glastonbury High School8:06.69 10
2Danbury High School8:08.26 8
3Hamden High School8:10.05 6
4Xavier High School8:11.61 5
5Newtown High School8:13.13 4
6Amity High School8:13.58 3
7Shelton High School8:13.99 2
8Ridgefield High School8:20.23 1
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High Jump

1Safir Scott2017Greenwich High School6-8 10
2Justin Forde2019Brien McMahon High School6-6 8
3Diante Vines2019Danbury High School6-4 5.5
3Marcus Gates2017Norwich Free Academy6-4 5.5
5Askia Sierra2018Amity High School6-2 1.667
5Brenden Sholes2018Norwich Free Academy6-2 1.667
5Chet Ellis2019Staples High School6-2 1.667
5Isaac Floyd2017Greenwich High School6-2 1.667
5Matthew Santy0Enfield High School6-2 1.667
5Tumani Edwards2017Danbury High School6-2 1.667
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Triple Jump

1Jack Jones2018Trumbull High School45-11 10
2Justin Forde2019Brien McMahon High School45-4.75 8
3Tumani Edwards2017Danbury High School45-2 6
4Safir Scott2017Greenwich High School45-1 5
5Gerald Singleton2017Amity High School44-0 4
6Ethan Shuster2017Shelton High School43-11 3
7Kirk Goodrich2017Westhill High School43-0 2
8Abdu Waldo2018New Britain High School42-7 1
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Long Jump

1Safir Scott2017Greenwich High School23-3 10
2Jack Jones2018Trumbull High School22-9.75 8
3Massiah Crandell2018Danbury High School21-4.5 6
4Gerald Singleton2017Amity High School21-4 5
5Anthony Mondo2017Southington High School21-3 4
6Tumani Edwards2017Danbury High School21-1 3
7Daniel Koproski2017Amity High School20-10 2
8Colin Mclevy2017Trumbull High School20-9.75 1
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Pole Vault

1Marc Deluca2017Westhill High School14-9 10
2Chris Weir2018Norwich Free Academy13-6 7
2Oliver Hayes2018Ridgefield High School13-6 7
4Brandon Gottwals2018Danbury High School13-0 4
4Josh Appel2018Westhill High School13-0 4
4Zach Burleigh2018Southington High School13-0 4
7Aiden Jasinski2019Newtown High School12-6 2
8Gene Bouthiette0Enfield High School12-0 0.2
8Jack Sevigny2019Glastonbury High School12-0 0.2
8Jake Tristine2018Xavier High School12-0 0.2
8Joseph Antaya2017Amity High School12-0 0.2
8Zach Iannucci2019Trumbull High School12-0 0.2
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1Mekhi Barnett2017Westhill High School153-0 10
2Matt Wyzykowski2017Xavier High School144-3 8
3Jack Godfrey2017Newtown High School136-4 6
4Andrew Zebarth2018Cheshire High School133-8 5
5Darius Williams2017East Hartford High School127-5 4
6Ryan Williams2018Newtown High School125-1 3
7Israel Strouse2017Staples High School123-4 2
8Aaron Mckeithan0Brien McMahon High School118-9 1
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Shot Put

1Ed Radzion2018Shelton High School51-4 10
2Jack Godfrey2017Newtown High School50-8 8
3Darius Williams2017East Hartford High School49-5 6
4Israel Strouse2017Staples High School46-0.5 5
5Marcellous Bell2019Westhill High School45-10 4
6Griffin Saks2017Xavier High School45-5 3
7Adelino Devega2019Norwich Free Academy45-3 2
8Justin Showstead2018Ridgefield High School44-5 0.5
8Zachary Bailey2017Amity High School44-5 0.5
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1Angus Fuori2017Staples High School164-2 10
2Joseph Schanne2017Fairfield Prep High School160-1 8
3Justin Showstead2018Ridgefield High School157-7 5.5
3Kelete Sherald2019Brien McMahon High School157-7 5.5
5Matt Wyzykowski2017Xavier High School155-1 4
6Brandon Cua2018Staples High School154-5 3
7Connor Cole2017Glastonbury High School153-7 2
8Chris Hebert2018Norwich Free Academy152-7 1
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