Girls Class M Predictions

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Will Coginchaug have enough depth to fill the relays and distance events?  Rocky Hill, Killingly and Suffield are waiting in the wings to class the class title if they can't.  

Team Scores

1Coginchaug Regional High School59.83
2Rocky Hill High School53.2
3Killingly High School47
4Suffield High School46.03
5Waterford High School41.2
6Ellington High School39
7Weston High School38.83
8Griswold High School38.5
9Plainfield High School37.5
10Saint Joseph High School33.5
11Northwest Catholic High School31.5
12Granby High School30.7
13Montville High School30.5
15Seymour High School23.5
16Lewis Mills High School19
17Oxford High School17.7
18Bethel High School17
19Platt Technical High School15
20Wolcott High School12
21Valley Regional High School10
22Career High School9
23Plainville High School8
24North Branford5
24Woodstock Academy5
26East Catholic High School4
27New Fairfield High School2
28Waterbury Career Academy1.5

100 Meter Dash

1Kalli'ana Botelho2018Griswold High School12.37 10
2Jamie Jax2017Killingly High School12.92 7
2Patricia Jurkowski2019Seymour High School12.92 7
4Lordina Onyina2019Rocky Hill High School12.97 5
5Lordina Orleans-onyina0Rocky Hill High School12.99 4
6Libby Spitzschuh2017Valley Regional High School13.08 3
7Megan Decker2017Coginchaug Regional High School13.12 1.5
7Raianna Grant2019Waterbury Career Academy13.12 1.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Lordina Onyina2019Rocky Hill High School26.40 10
2Zora Labonte2018Waterford High School26.55 8
3Maia Moscova2018Saint Joseph High School27.07 5.5
3Sheena Wolliston2019Northwest Catholic High School27.07 5.5
5Brooke Joyner2017Career High School27.09 4
6Alexis Bergamini2018Suffield High School27.11 3
7Hailey Vechiarelli2020Saint Joseph High School27.17 2
8Arianna Morton2017Saint Joseph High School27.23 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Kate Carleson2020Plainfield High School59.59 10
2Lordina Onyina2019Rocky Hill High School1:00.42 8
3Alyssa Bergamini2018Suffield High School1:00.54 6
4Victoria Bower2018Rocky Hill High School1:01.24 5
5Mckenzie Pedersen2020Granby High School1:01.35 4
6Lordina Orleans-onyina0Rocky Hill High School1:01.40 3
7Jess Kondic2020Oxford High School1:01.50 2
8Lilah Devine2019Rocky Hill High School1:01.59 1
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800 Meter Run

1Alexandra Alsup2017Coginchaug Regional High School2:16.43 10
2Mady Whittaker2019Montville High School2:19.12 8
3Allie Alsup2017Coginchaug Regional High School2:20.30 6
4Cassandra Carleson2020Plainfield High School2:20.66 5
5Kathryn Shea2018Northwest Catholic High School2:21.32 4
6Lilah Devine2019Rocky Hill High School2:24.30 3
7Angelia Rafter2017Killingly High School2:25.17 2
8Allison Hill2017Ellington High School2:27.36 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Kaitlyn Stevens2017Killingly High School5:14.37 10
2Lilah Devine2019Rocky Hill High School5:15.33 8
3Alexandra Alsup2017Coginchaug Regional High School5:15.39 6
4Kathryn Shea2018Northwest Catholic High School5:16.03 5
5Ashley Dana2018Coginchaug Regional High School5:18.73 4
6Julia Kelly2018Haddam-Killingworth5:23.11 3
7Cassandra Carleson2020Plainfield High School5:23.69 2
8Allison Hill2017Ellington High School5:24.85 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Kaitlyn Stevens2017Killingly High School11:36.70 10
2Kathryn Bonanno2020Ellington High School11:48.83 8
3Kathryn Shea2018Northwest Catholic High School11:59.57 6
4Adriana Wimler2018Coginchaug Regional High School12:01.22 5
5Gabrielle Zeller2019Suffield High School12:02.98 4
6Kennedy Baggot2018Granby High School12:04.61 3
7Hanna Englander2017Suffield High School12:05.55 2
8Kayla Cohen2019New Fairfield High School12:06.08 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Nicole Szilagyi2018Granby High School15.13 10
2Savanna Macaluso2018Ellington High School15.29 8
3Katherine Jacobs2018Northwest Catholic High School15.97 6
4Sophia Podeszwa2020Waterford High School15.98 5
5Cynthia Dias2017Wolcott High School16.15 4
6Doveonna Witherspoon2017Griswold High School16.45 3
7Lauren Ross2019Montville High School16.51 2
8Amanda Duvall2017East Catholic High School16.84 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Kalli'ana Botelho2018Griswold High School46.09 10
2Alexis Bergamini2018Suffield High School46.44 8
3Sophia Podeszwa2020Waterford High School46.97 6
4Patricia Jurkowski2019Seymour High School47.96 5
5Sadie Strom2019Haddam-Killingworth48.49 4
6Maleena Frazier2017Valley Regional High School48.70 3
7Rachel Marchini2017Montville High School49.06 2
8Stephanie Polinstena2017Bethel High School49.26 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Coginchaug Regional High School51.00 10
2Weston High School51.54 8
3Waterford High School51.63 6
4Griswold High School51.95 5
5Career High School51.99 4
6Plainfield High School52.12 3
7Rocky Hill High School52.17 2
8Montville High School52.22 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Waterford High School4:06.63 10
2Plainfield High School4:09.41 8
3Coginchaug Regional High School4:11.22 6
4Bethel High School4:12.20 5
5Rocky Hill High School4:13.39 4
6Montville High School4:13.80 3
7Suffield High School4:14.28 2
8Haddam-Killingworth4:16.19 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Weston High School10:09.35 10
2Haddam-Killingworth10:11.65 8
3Suffield High School10:14.00 6
4Coginchaug Regional High School10:23.53 5
5Ellington High School10:32.86 4
6Oxford High School10:33.54 3
7Wolcott High School10:37.78 2
8New Fairfield High School10:44.40 1
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Triple Jump

1Megan Knowling2017Ellington High School35-10 10
2Jamie Jax2017Killingly High School35-6 8
3Carissa Aekins2017Waterford High School34-11 6
4Kayla Clark0Saint Joseph High School34-8 5
5Olivia Johnson2019Saint Joseph High School34-6.5 4
6Morgan Sederquist2017Lewis Mills High School34-0.5 3
7Hannah Kelm2017Bethel High School33-9.5 2
8Sophia Rico2018Weston High School33-2.5 1
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Long Jump

1Veronica Chrzanowski2018Haddam-Killingworth17-5 10
2Jamie Jax2017Killingly High School17-2 8
3Isabelle Provencher2018Granby High School16-8.25 5.5
3Kelly Ward2017Oxford High School16-8.25 5.5
5Libby Spitzschuh2017Valley Regional High School16-7 4
6Hannah Kelm2017Bethel High School16-6 2.5
6Patricia Jurkowski2019Seymour High School16-6 2.5
8Brooke Joyner2017Career High School16-5.5 1
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High Jump

1Kalli'ana Botelho2018Griswold High School5-4 10
2Kelly Ward2017Oxford High School5-2 7
2Megan Knowling2017Ellington High School5-2 7
4Winnie Chan2017North Branford5-0 5
5Nicole Dibenedetto2019East Catholic High School4-10 3
5Olivia Johnson2019Saint Joseph High School4-10 3
5Vassa Rezvaya2020Bethel High School4-10 3
8Anne White2019Rocky Hill High School4-8 0.2
8Cameron Shaw2018Suffield High School4-8 0.2
8Ellie Lokken2020Waterford High School4-8 0.2
8Laura Trombetta2018Oxford High School4-8 0.2
8Sarah Bennett0Granby High School4-8 0.2
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Pole Vault

1Danielle Cass2017Weston High School11-6 10
2Carolyn Cumello2020Coginchaug Regional High School9-6 6.333
2Sophia Rico2018Weston High School9-6 6.333
2Sophie Lupone0Suffield High School9-6 6.333
5Sarah Mello2017Bethel High School9-0 3.5
5Shannon Sweeney2017Plainfield High School9-0 3.5
7Elise Russell2020Weston High School8-6 2
8Samantha Sterck2017Weston High School8-0 0.5
8Skylar Petersen2018Griswold High School8-0 0.5
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1Soph Jagoe-Seidl2017Saint Joseph High School121-2 10
2Lauren Tanner2020Plainville High School113-4 8
3Taylor Robinson2017Seymour High School109-11 6
4Kelly Trivella2017Woodstock Academy104-10 5
5Kiara Lopez0Platt Technical High School103-3 4
6Cynthia Dias2017Wolcott High School100-3 3
7Ally Conde2018Killingly High School100-1 2
8Allie Dyment2018Weston High School97-5 1
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Shot Put

1Sydney Mello2019Lewis Mills High School35-3.5 10
2Ka Inman-johnson0Platt Technical High School34-2 8
3Sarah Jankowski2018Plainfield High School33-4 6
4Christianna Johnson2017Montville High School32-6 4.5
4Marybeth Heyse2017Suffield High School32-6 4.5
6Marie Rodriguez2018Saint Joseph High School32-4 3
7Jackie Simington0Platt Technical High School30-11.5 2
8Mia Pinto2017Seymour High School30-8.5 1
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1Christianna Johnson2017Montville High School102-5 10
2Mackenzie Stahl2018Granby High School96-11 8
3Sydney Mello2019Lewis Mills High School96-9.5 6
4Megan Lowe2017Northwest Catholic High School91-9.5 5
5Marybeth Heyse2017Suffield High School91-1 4
6Nicole Nelson2017Wolcott High School90-8 3
7Fiona Smith2019Seymour High School90-3 2
8Ka Inman-johnson0Platt Technical High School88-1 1