SWC Boys and Girls Virtual Meet

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Last year the Southwest Conference indoor track championships came down to the final event and Immaculate and Weston shared the SWC boys track championship.   While it was Immaculate's first ever conference title, Weston earned their ninth title in the past 14 years.  On the girls side Weston won their 11th title in the last 12 years.

This year, the Trojans are once again favored but the girls will have to contend with Newtown and Immaculate while the boys will have New Milford, Immaculate and Newtown to contend with.  Below are the projected team scores based on each team's season best performances and the official meet  Performance List.

Boys Projected Team Scores

Based on results from Milesplit's database

1Weston High School116.8
2New Milford High School65.4
3Immaculate High School64
4Newtown High School54.2
5Masuk High School54
6New Fairfield High School32.6
7Bunnell High School32.2
8Bethel High School15.8
9Brookfield High School12
11Stratford High School4
12Joel Barlow High School2

55 Meter Dash

1Conor Mahoney2019Masuk High School6.71 10
2Christ N'dabian2019Bunnell High School6.73 8
3Elijah Henry2018Bunnell High School6.79 6
4Cyrus Dufane2018Stratford High School6.82 4
5Max Mastrorocco2018Masuk High School6.85 2
6Joshua Cheung2019Brookfield High School6.90 1
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300 Meter Dash

1Conor Mahoney2019Masuk High School36.67 10
2Baruch Goodman2019Weston High School37.17 8
3Max Mastrorocco2018Masuk High School37.27 6
4Grant Moxham2018Newtown High School37.91 4
5Taylor Kissinger2018Pomperaug38.12 2
6Dominick Curra2018Immaculate High School38.27 1
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600 Meter Run

1Charles Osborne2018New Milford High School1:24.48 10
2Matthew Christe2019Immaculate High School1:25.76 8
3Matt Scott2019Weston High School1:26.83 6
4Jerold Lambert2019New Fairfield High School1:27.36 4
5Jeremy Saluzzi2019Joel Barlow High School1:28.67 2
6Christian Lestic2018Newtown High School1:28.79 1
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1,000 Meter Run

1Timothy Lautenbach2018Weston High School2:32.43 10
2Charles Osborne2018New Milford High School2:43.00 8
3Matt Scott2019Weston High School2:44.23 6
4Christian Lestic2018Newtown High School2:44.30 4
5Zachary Yung2018Weston High School2:46.15 2
6Brad Bornn2019Bethel High School2:46.56 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Timothy Lautenbach2018Weston High School4:27.94 10
2Anthony Golino2019New Fairfield High School4:35.71 8
3Eli Nahom2019New Milford High School4:39.11 6
4Connor McNerney2018Immaculate High School4:39.95 4
5Christian Lestic2018Newtown High School4:42.06 2
6Sean Connolly2018Immaculate High School4:48.45 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Timothy Lautenbach2018Weston High School9:50.30 10
2Connor McNerney2018Immaculate High School9:53.65 8
3Anthony Golino2019New Fairfield High School10:04.16 6
4Eli Nahom2019New Milford High School10:09.40 4
5Stephen Finck2018Brookfield High School10:17.27 2
6Jadon Parris2020Brookfield High School10:24.22 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Brett Deri2018Newtown High School8.06 10
2Ramsley Exantus2018Bunnell High School8.15 8
3Brian Kennedy2018Weston High School8.31 6
4Nicholas Pietrini2018Pomperaug8.67 4
5Steven Mosley2018Bethel High School8.79 2
6Thomas Hartley2019Newtown High School8.82 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Masuk High School1:33.88 10
2Bunnell High School1:34.33 8
3Weston High School1:35.70 6
4New Milford High School1:36.10 4
5Pomperaug1:37.78 2
6Newtown High School1:37.79 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1New Milford High School3:31.12 10
2Weston High School3:31.84 8
3Immaculate High School3:36.91 6
4Masuk High School3:40.64 4
5Bethel High School3:41.94 2
6Newtown High School3:45.97 1
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Sprint Medley Relay

1Weston High School3:45.39 10
2Immaculate High School3:45.85 8
3Masuk High School3:50.19 6
4New Fairfield High School3:51.19 4
5Newtown High School3:51.24 2
6Bethel High School3:52.17 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Weston High School8:14.17 10
2New Fairfield High School8:32.84 8
3Newtown High School8:35.36 6
4Immaculate High School8:47.27 4
5Bethel High School8:48.44 2
6New Milford High School9:03.06 1
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Long Jump

1Spencer Brown2019Immaculate High School20-8.5 10
2Sam Chicha2019Weston High School20-6 8
3Dominick Curra2018Immaculate High School20-4 6
4Kevin Batternay2018New Milford High School19-11.5 4
5Jonathan Cineus2018Bunnell High School19-10 2
6Todd Perrin2019Newtown High School19-8 1
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High Jump

1Zachary Crebbin2018Newtown High School6-2 10
2Spencer Brown2019Immaculate High School6-0 8
3Oliver Zych2019Weston High School5-10 6
4Brett Schuett2018Bethel High School5-8 3
4Elliot Metviner2019Weston High School5-8 3
6Jacob Meadows2018New Milford High School5-6 0.2
6Jonathan Cineus2018Bunnell High School5-6 0.2
6Kevin Batternay2018New Milford High School5-6 0.2
6Ryan Williams2018Newtown High School5-6 0.2
6Shawn Sato2019Bethel High School5-6 0.2
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Pole Vault

1Aiden Jasinski2019Newtown High School13-0 10
2Zachary Matson2018New Milford High School12-0 8
3Chris Lewis2020Weston High School11-6 2.6
3David Murphy2019New Fairfield High School11-6 2.6
3Oliver Zych2019Weston High School11-6 2.6
3Rocco Chiappetta2018Bethel High School11-6 2.6
3Vaughn Campos2019Weston High School11-6 2.6
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Shot Put

1Jacob Meadows2018New Milford High School48-8.5 10
2Khaled Elmady2018Brookfield High School47-11.5 8
3Mitchell Hornak2018Masuk High School43-0 6
4Alexander Hlywa2018Pomperaug42-9 4
5Michael Meehan2018Bethel High School41-2 2
6Robert Carroll2019Newtown High School40-4.75 1
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