Who Are the Favorites for Girls Class LL?

FCIAC powerhouses Danbury and Ridgefield will go at it once again with Manchester trying to "jump" their way into the championship and Glastonbury using a very balanced approach to win the title.

Team Scores

1Danbury High School111
2Ridgefield High School78.5
3Manchester High School77
4Glastonbury High School73
5Greenwich High School53
6Shelton High School46.5
7Fairfield Ludlowe43
8Hamden High School37
9Brien McMahon High School34
10Southington High School30.5
11Trumbull High School28.5
12Newtown High School26.5
13East Hartford High School13.5
14Norwich Free Academy12.5
15Stamford High School11
17Norwalk High School6
18Enfield High School5.5
19Staples High School2.5
20Fairfield Warde1
20Westhill High School1

100 Meter Dash

1Zyniah Bunn2018Danbury High School12.62 10
2Maya Mocarski2019Fairfield Ludlowe12.74 8
3Haley Oko2020Shelton High School12.78 6
4Andreya Gardner2018Hamden High School12.81 5
5Kaheira Burgess2018East Hartford High School12.82 4
6Athalie Fils2019Stamford High School12.84 2.5
6Mikayla Hill2018Danbury High School12.84 2.5
8Carly Swierbut2019Newtown High School12.87 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Aisha Gay2018Hamden High School24.92 10
2Chelsea Smith2017Manchester High School25.12 8
3Bridget Chiaravalle2017Danbury High School25.49 6
4Zyniah Bunn2018Danbury High School25.62 5
5Begotty Laroche2017Manchester High School25.85 4
6Earthaiza Watkins2018Stamford High School25.87 3
7Savannah Bromley2019Brien McMahon High School25.98 2
8Elizabeth McMahon2018Conard26.02 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Aisha Gay2018Hamden High School56.17 10
2Elizabeth McMahon2018Conard56.88 8
3Alexandra Damron2017Ridgefield High School57.59 5.5
3Earthaiza Watkins2018Stamford High School57.59 5.5
5Chelsea Smith2017Manchester High School58.70 4
6Jordan Numme2019Greenwich High School59.07 3
7Erin Mcgill2018Glastonbury High School59.15 2
8Savannah Bromley2019Brien McMahon High School59.16 1
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800 Meter Run

1Emily Philippides2018Greenwich High School2:10.88 10
2Erin Mcgill2018Glastonbury High School2:13.55 8
3Brianna Auray2017Fairfield Ludlowe2:14.31 6
4Katherine Jasminski2017Ridgefield High School2:16.05 5
5Leah Sarkisian2018Danbury High School2:17.74 4
6Cassandra Sturdevant2019Danbury High School2:18.18 3
7Alyssa Krauss2018Fairfield Ludlowe2:19.51 2
8Anna Landler2018Ridgefield High School2:20.00 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Erin Mcgill2018Glastonbury High School5:04.31 10
2Zoe Harris2020Greenwich High School5:08.38 8
3Lauren Moore2019Danbury High School5:08.44 6
4Gabriella Viggiano2019Ridgefield High School5:08.66 5
5Katelynn Romanchick2017Trumbull High School5:10.40 4
6Emily Philippides2018Greenwich High School5:10.97 3
7Kaylen Hughes2018Glastonbury High School5:13.77 2
8Camron D'arey2020Manchester High School5:15.18 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Aayush Chopra2020Glastonbury High School10:52.03 10
2Sarah Leatherwood2017Fairfield Ludlowe10:56.24 8
3Lauren Moore2019Danbury High School11:11.73 6
4Katelynn Romanchick2017Trumbull High School11:12.60 5
5Alexandra Ross2018Glastonbury High School11:14.55 4
6Kaylen Hughes2018Glastonbury High School11:30.35 3
7Valerie Fox2020Danbury High School11:32.99 2
8Gabi Galetta2017Fairfield Warde11:34.70 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Bridget Chiaravalle2017Danbury High School14.39 10
2Elizabeth Lodge2017Manchester High School14.77 8
3Penda M'bengue2018Norwalk High School15.16 6
4Josephine Simon2017Ridgefield High School15.72 5
5Elizabeth Herlihy2018Shelton High School16.06 4
6Jayme Cole2018Danbury High School16.07 3
7Meika Jean-baptiste2017Shelton High School16.13 2
8Nora Skoczen2018Fairfield Ludlowe16.16 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Danielle Brinckman2017Glastonbury High School45.13 10
2Bridget Chiaravalle2017Danbury High School45.18 8
3Emma Langis2020Ridgefield High School46.39 6
4Makenna Cerney2017Newtown High School46.50 5
5Anna Landler2018Ridgefield High School46.80 4
6Josephine Simon2017Ridgefield High School47.28 3
7Emily Alexandru2020Trumbull High School47.38 2
8Isa Glynn2020Conard47.72 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Danbury High School49.04 10
2Hamden High School49.60 8
3East Hartford High School49.73 5.5
3Ridgefield High School49.73 5.5
5Glastonbury High School50.09 4
6Manchester High School50.12 3
7Brien McMahon High School50.30 2
8Westhill High School50.83 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Ridgefield High School3:57.92 10
2Fairfield Ludlowe4:00.31 8
3Danbury High School4:01.90 6
4Glastonbury High School4:02.32 5
5Greenwich High School4:03.31 4
6Hamden High School4:07.26 3
7East Hartford High School4:11.02 2
8Shelton High School4:12.39 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Fairfield Ludlowe9:25.23 10
2Greenwich High School9:25.54 8
3Danbury High School9:25.80 6
4Ridgefield High School9:25.95 5
5Trumbull High School9:33.47 4
6Glastonbury High School9:43.92 3
7Shelton High School9:56.54 2
8Hamden High School9:56.61 1
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Triple Jump

1Elizabeth Lodge2017Manchester High School35-7.5 10
2Emilly Souza2018Danbury High School35-6 8
3Camryn Wesoloskie2017Manchester High School35-4.5 6
4Teyri-teres Reed-quiles2017Shelton High School34-3.5 5
5Ruby Mboya2017Danbury High School34-1 4
6Julianne Spillane2018Trumbull High School33-6 2.5
6Lauren Russo2017Newtown High School33-6 2.5
8Shaniya Mesillien2018Brien McMahon High School33-5 1
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Long Jump

1Elizabeth Lodge2017Manchester High School18-2 10
2Camryn Wesoloskie2017Manchester High School17-3.5 8
3Emilly Souza2018Danbury High School16-11 6
4Peyton McNamera2020Brien McMahon High School16-9 5
5Anna Landler2018Ridgefield High School16-8 4
6Amanda Forgione2019Glastonbury High School16-6.5 2.5
6Selina Soule2020Glastonbury High School16-6.5 2.5
8Joyce Yuen2017Norwich Free Academy16-5 1
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High Jump

1Elizabeth Lodge2017Manchester High School5-6 10
2Taylor Morton2018Brien McMahon High School5-4 8
3Ally Lewis2019Norwich Free Academy5-2 4.5
3Grace Goodwin2017Ridgefield High School5-2 4.5
3Megan Switzgable2018Trumbull High School5-2 4.5
3Olivia Dilascia2018Greenwich High School5-2 4.5
7Allison Schneider2020Conard5-0 0.5
7Erica Woolen2018Trumbull High School5-0 0.5
7Grace Tokarski2017Shelton High School5-0 0.5
7India Fernandez2018Staples High School5-0 0.5
7Mccallum Harkins2020Greenwich High School5-0 0.5
7Sydney Garrison2020Southington High School5-0 0.5
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Pole Vault

1Lia Zavattaro2018Greenwich High School12-1 10
2Megan Biscoglio2018Southington High School11-9 8
3Lauren Russo2017Newtown High School11-6 6
4Paige Martin2020Norwich Free Academy10-0 5
5Lauren Pawlowski2018Shelton High School9-6 2
5Madeleine Watson2019Glastonbury High School9-6 2
5Madison Martin2020Norwich Free Academy9-6 2
5Megan Murphy2020Greenwich High School9-6 2
5Megan Plummer2018Glastonbury High School9-6 2
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1Clara Lerchi2017Ridgefield High School123-0 10
2Savannah Buzzeo2018Brien McMahon High School110-5 8
3Yasmeen Dabiran2019Shelton High School107-9 6
4Kaithlyn Pierre-louis2017Brien McMahon High School105-10 5
5Alijah Vega2019Southington High School105-4 4
6Micaela Czapla2017Glastonbury High School105-1 3
7Ivy Prince2017Staples High School103-0 2
8Marley Marston2018Newtown High School99-10 1
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Shot Put

1Samantha Stevens2017Shelton High School41-0.25 10
2Amanda Howe2018Southington High School38-2.25 8
3Camille Balicki2017Enfield High School36-1 5.5
3Celyna Custodio2018Danbury High School36-1 5.5
5Marley Marston2018Newtown High School35-5 4
6Annika Alexander2017Newtown High School35-2 3
7Brianne Mcgill2017Ridgefield High School34-3 2
8Naomi Boisette2018East Hartford High School34-1 1
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1Amanda Howe2018Southington High School134-10.5 10
2Samantha Stevens2017Shelton High School124-0 8
3Nicole Baker2017Trumbull High School113-11 6
4Kezia Sereboun2017Manchester High School108-11 5
5Annika Alexander2017Newtown High School103-1 4
6Brianne Mcgill2017Ridgefield High School102-9 3
7Kaithlyn Pierre-louis2017Brien McMahon High School98-7 2
8Naomi Boisette2018East Hartford High School96-4 1
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