Northeast Speed Summit 2022

Bethel, CT

Meet Information

The Northeast Speed Summit is ready to launch on Saturday, November 27th at the Bethel High School Indoor Track & Field Center in Bethel, Connecticut.

This is a very unique event for Track & Field athletes who sprint, jump and hurdle. Not only will athletes receive quality instruction/video analysis with proven coaches from Athletics Westchester, they will also receive world class diagnostic testing from the Norwegian based MuscleLab System produced by the sport scientists at ErgoTest. In addition, we will be measuring split velocity with FreeLap, one of the global leaders in portable timing. Most high schools and many universities lack the funding to purchase this equipment resulting in an incredible opportunity for fast twitch athletes to receive data that can help transform training programs for progress and improvement.

Why diagnostic testing and data collection is important for the Sprints, Jumps and Hurdles:

Ground Contact Time (ms): A significant indicator of fast twitch performance is ground contact time per step. Most athletes do not know their ground contact time and/or what exercises best improve it. The Muscle Lab System collects ground contact time for both repeated jumps AND acceleration.

Power Per Contact (W/Kg): Another important indicator of fast twitch performance is the amount of power produced per contact. The more power an athlete can produce when landing on the ground per step, the greater the response off the ground. The MuscleLab System collects Power Per Contact for both repeated jumps AND acceleration.

Reactive Strength Index (RSI): When collecting the average ground contact time and average power per contact, athletes will receive an RSI score that expresses their "Elastic Strength" in relation to age appropriate competition and elite collegiate/post collegiate athletes.

Acceleration Patterns (m/s): In addition, the MuscleLab system is able to analyze acceleration in which each athlete will receive a peak velocity from 0-30m, as well as time to peak and distance to peak. This data can help athletes understand their own acceleration pattern and what is needed to create improvement.

Maximum Velocity Splits (m/s) & (mph): Finally, using FreeLap, each athlete will receive split velocity analysis of a 30m fly. Meters per second (m/s) and Miles Per Hour (mph) will be collected from 30-40m, 40-50m and 50-60m. This data will help athletes understand where and when their absolute peak velocity occurs. In addition, understanding these metrics can help drive training programs for improvement.

In addition to the diagnostic measurement, athletes will be filmed and receive on demand feedback in the skills of acceleration, max velocity stride patterns and ground contact technique.

This "Speed MRI" that includes Instruction + Video + Diagnostic Testing will help fast twitch athletes from the northeast better prepare their training programs for the indoor season and beyond.

We look forward to advancing the development of speed in the northeast!


Dominic Zanot
Athletics Westchester