Meet Information

Meet Information:

Coaches and their teams are invited to celebrate by competing at the 40th Haddad Windham Cross Country Invitational starting at 9:30am on Saturday, September 8, 2018 at Windham High School in Willimantic CT. The meet is open to all high school coaches for registration of their high school age athletes competing for their high school team. Note that the meet finish line has been upgraded this year to include chip timing for all competitors to help for more efficient race results.

Facility - Race Courses:

  • The meet will be held at the Windham High School in Willimantic CT.
  • The course is 3.0 miles for Boys' and Girls' Varsity and Junior-Varsity races.
  • The Freshmen races are 2.1 miles.
  • Each course will be fully marshaled by event staff

Entry Procedures and Event Registration:

  • An Intent to Enter form is required by all coaches interested in participating in the meet. The Intent to Enter form is available at the Meet Registration page and must be submitted by 9:00pm on Friday, August 31, 2018 to enable them to acquire an ACCEPTED/CONFIRMED status for event registration in
    Please make sure to indicate in the Intent to Enter form which Varsity race you would like to run in and provide your Boys and Girls School size that provides your classification of Large or Small school for team awards. 
    Same as last year there will only be two varsity races. Large and small schools are encouraged to sign up for either race. There will be team plaques awarded to the top two large and small schools for each race.
  • Event Entry for all Boys and Girls races available at August 20, 2018. Deadline for athlete event entry is 8:00pm Eastern, Tuesday, September 4, 2018.
  • There are no late entries or day of meet entries.
  • EZ Meet Services manages all meet registration in conjunction with

Coaches Instructions for Shoe Chip and Bib Number:

  • All runners will be issued a Shoe Chip and a corresponding Bib number. 
    In addition to the bib numbers that have been used in the past, each team will be issued timing chips which will be secured to the athletes' left or right foot. The chip can be laced into the shoelaces or secured with the twist ties provided. The chips and ties will be issued in a zippered pouch. 

    At the end of the race, coaches must retrieve the chips from their athletes, place them in the pouch, and return them to the registration tent. There will be a charge of $20 for each missing chip or pouch. Additional instructions will be provided in the packet coaches receive upon arrival at the meet.

    Because of the switch to chip timing, there are no finish chutes at the finish line. Athletes must NOT STOP on the finish line and should continue to move to promptly exit the finish line area.
  • It is very important that the coach follow these simple rules: 
    1. Every Coach must issue the correct bib number and shoe chip assigned to each athlete.
    2. Instruct athletes to attach bib number to front of shirt and secure their chip to either shoe using their shoelace or twist ties.
    3. Put your athletes in a race.
    4. After each race is completed each coach collects the shoe chip from every athlete and returns all chips in team pouch to registration table.
    Very EASY!!
  • Timing and live results provided by Northeast Sports Timing Service.

Entry Rules:

  • To insure a fair and quality meet, NHFS and CIAC rules will govern all events.
  • The meet is open to all high school age athletes competing with their high school team.
  • On race day, coaches can run up to 10 VARSITY ATHLETES for the Boys and Girls Varsity Races but only 7 will be eligible for team scoring.
  • All other non-varsity high school athletes can run in the J.V. and Freshmen races (unlimited entries).
  • There is no need for a coach to decide who runs in which race until race day since everyone receives a chip & bib number.
  • Entry fees are charged for entering the meet. You owe the entry fee as detailed below for all entries made online. There are No Refunds for scratches or no shows.

Entry Fees - Checks:

  • The entry fee is $100.00 for each team entered or $200.00 for each school consisting of a boys and girls team. Schools with less than five competitors: $20 per individual. Any additions made after the entry deadline will be charged an additional $25.00 Late Fee.
    The slight increase in the team entry fee covers the change to chip timing that ensures that all athletes are timed efficiently.
  • Make check payable to: WHS Athletics and mail to: 
    Windham High School Bank 
    355 High Street
    Willimantic, CT 06226

Meet Awards:

  • NOTE: Team plaques to the first two teams in each varsity race based on school size.  There will be team plaques to the top large school (420 + (Boys), 424 + (Girls) and top small School (less than 420 (Boys), and less than 424 (Girls).
  • T-Shirts to the top 50 in each varsity race.
  • T-Shirts to the top 25 in all other races.
  • All athletes who earn a T-Shirt must bring their bib number to the T-Shirt Awards table after their race in order to receive their commemorative shirt.


  • An Athletic Trainer is on site during meet.

Contact Info:

  • Meet Director: James Thompson
    Email Address:  
    Phone Numbers: Cell: 860-608-7145 Work: 860-465-2372