CCC Preview: Boys

Who are the favorites for the Boys CCC Indoor Track and Fields Championships?  Check out who has the top seeds based on CT.Milesplit's data base.  

Glastonbury is the defending champions but will Hall's distance points make up for Glastonbury's edge in jumpers? 

Southington's ZACH BURLEIGH is one of five vaulters over 13'6 and will looking to be the first CT athlete over 14.  How about the shot put where RHAM's Michael Browning will be looking to be the first CT athlete in several years to break 60 ft.  

Hartford Public's and their 4 x 200m and have the #2 time in CT and will be looking to move up to the top spot.

CCC Projected Team Scores

1Glastonbury High School88
2William Hall High School75
3Southington High School50.4
4Middletown High School43
5Windsor High School36
6Hartford Public High School32
6Tolland High School32
8Bristol Central High School31
9East Hartford High School27.5
10Manchester High School24.83
11Northwest Catholic High School24
12Simsbury High School21
13East Catholic High School19.5
14Wethersfield High School19
15New Britain High School12.5
17Rham High School10.33
18E.O. Smith High School9.53
19Plainville High School8
20Enfield High School5.2
21South Windsor High School4
22Rocky Hill High School1

55 Meter Dash

1Leon Campbell2018Hartford Public High School6.51 10
2Garrett Dandridge2018Middletown High School6.56 8
3Deshaun Bradshaw2018Middletown High School6.66 6
4Joel Stewart2019Enfield High School6.69 5
5Jaquan Allen2019East Hartford High School6.74 3
5Jaylen Rivera2018New Britain High School6.74 3
5Trey Bradshaw2020Middletown High School6.74 3
8Malcolm Grate2018Hartford Public High School6.78 1
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300 Meter Dash

1Garrett Dandridge2018Middletown High School35.71 10
2Marcus Manson2018Windsor High School35.97 8
3Leon Campbell2018Hartford Public High School36.31 6
4Andre Valentine2018Hartford Public High School36.43 5
5Andrew Rison2019Glastonbury High School36.52 4
6Nigel West2018Bristol Central High School37.03 3
7Jaquan Allen2019East Hartford High School37.18 2
8Justin Brown2018Windsor High School37.25 1
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600 Meter Run

1Miller Anderson2019William Hall High School1:24.16 10
2Marcus Manson2018Windsor High School1:24.52 8
3Matthew Cosentino2019Glastonbury High School1:27.79 6
4Devin Hall2018East Hartford High School1:28.04 4.5
4Evan Kennedy2018East Catholic High School1:28.04 4.5
6Shawn Akomeah2018Manchester High School1:28.18 3
7Dylan Rendon2019William Hall High School1:28.26 2
8Jeffrey Hannigan2018Southington High School1:28.29 1
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1,000 Meter Run

1Miller Anderson2019William Hall High School2:36.19 10
2Trey Cormier2019William Hall High School2:36.59 8
3Joe Pearl2018Manchester High School2:36.97 6
4Dylan Rendon2019William Hall High School2:38.87 5
5David Hatch2018Tolland High School2:40.47 4
6Sam Wilcox2019Glastonbury High School2:40.77 3
7Stephen Sutton2019Tolland High School2:41.60 2
8Cole Canarie2018William Hall High School2:42.01 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Joe Pearl2018Manchester High School4:26.43 10
2Soloman Davis2019Simsbury High School4:31.68 8
3Mark Petrosky2020Bristol Central High School4:33.31 6
4Heath Olivieri2019East Catholic High School4:34.70 5
5Jacob Smith2020Glastonbury High School4:36.79 4
6Solomon Davis2018Simsbury High School4:38.11 3
7Tyler Remigino2021Conard4:38.66 2
8Ben Carlson2018Middletown High School4:39.80 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Jacob Smith2020Glastonbury High School9:47.38 10
2Killian Mcnamee2020Tolland High School9:50.59 8
3Ben Carlson2018Middletown High School10:01.05 6
4Stephen Sutton2019Tolland High School10:04.81 5
5Trey Cormier2019William Hall High School10:04.95 4
6Sam Wilcox2019Glastonbury High School10:07.94 3
7Michael Stamm2019Northwest Catholic High School10:09.59 2
8Ethan Arcata2020Rocky Hill High School10:10.89 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Elijah Rodriguez2019Southington High School7.79 10
2Sandre Taylor2018East Hartford High School8.19 8
3Elijah Ortiz2018Bristol Central High School8.25 6
4Chaz Williams2019New Britain High School8.28 5
5Lorenzo Garcia2020Northwest Catholic High School8.41 4
6Carlos Villarini2018New Britain High School8.44 2.5
6Jaymin Torres2019Middletown High School8.44 2.5
8Jose Navedo2019Bristol Central High School8.49 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Hartford Public High School1:30.95 10
2Windsor High School1:34.02 8
3Bristol Central High School1:34.11 6
4East Hartford High School1:34.29 5
5Southington High School1:35.03 4
6William Hall High School1:35.15 3
7Northwest Catholic High School1:36.00 2
8Conard1:38.32 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Glastonbury High School3:33.54 10
2Southington High School3:34.35 8
3Windsor High School3:34.94 6
4Bristol Central High School3:36.64 5
5William Hall High School3:36.92 4
6Northwest Catholic High School3:43.50 3
7New Britain High School3:46.44 2
8Wethersfield High School3:47.37 1
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Sprint Medley Relay

1William Hall High School3:45.63 10
2Glastonbury High School3:46.61 8
3Northwest Catholic High School3:51.56 6
4East Hartford High School3:52.61 5
5East Catholic High School3:52.69 4
6Windsor High School3:52.70 3
7Southington High School3:54.12 2
8Manchester High School3:55.12 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Glastonbury High School8:16.57 10
2William Hall High School8:24.69 8
3East Catholic High School8:29.73 6
4Tolland High School8:34.95 5
5Bristol Central High School8:37.61 4
6Middletown High School8:41.96 3
7Northwest Catholic High School8:44.74 2
8Manchester High School8:47.19 1
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High Jump

1Georg Stoughton2018Wethersfield High School6-4 10
2Joseph Wojciechowski2018Conard6-2 8
3Darrell Mickey2018William Hall High School6-0 6
4Andrew Carroll2019Glastonbury High School5-10 4
4Connor Mcgill2018Glastonbury High School5-10 4
4Jake Beaupre2019Southington High School5-10 4
7Xavier Philips2019William Hall High School5-9 2
8Eric Malonoy2019Enfield High School5-8 0.2
8Gabe Munoz2020E.O. Smith High School5-8 0.2
8Jack Terray2018Southington High School5-8 0.2
8Jeffrey Hannigan2018Southington High School5-8 0.2
8Max Ryan2019Conard5-8 0.2
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Long Jump

1Eric Colleran2018Glastonbury High School21-6.5 10
2Georg Stoughton2018Wethersfield High School20-9 8
3Kolby Rogers2019Southington High School20-6 6
4Paris Carpenter2019Northwest Catholic High School20-2 5
5Edward Dailey2020Simsbury High School20-1 4
6Kobe Stigler2019E.O. Smith High School19-9.5 3
7Darrell Mickey2018William Hall High School19-9 2
8Jack Terray2018Southington High School19-8.75 1
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Pole Vault

1Zach Burleigh2018Southington High School13-6 10
2Aaron Johnston2018Tolland High School12-6 8
3Jack Sevigny2019Glastonbury High School12-0 6
4Casey Selinske2019Southington High School11-6 4
4Jake Lavalette2019Glastonbury High School11-6 4
4Patrick Bell2018South Windsor High School11-6 4
7Tanner Badey2020Glastonbury High School11-0 2
8Emmett Christenson2020E.O. Smith High School10-6 0.333
8James Abu-rahmeh2019Rham High School10-6 0.333
8Logan Moore2019Manchester High School10-6 0.333
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Shot Put

1Michael Browning2019Rham High School59-6.5 10
2Collin Martin2018Plainville High School51-5 8
3Jonathan Prell2019Simsbury High School47-1 6
4Peter Tominelli2018E.O. Smith High School46-2 5
5Nate Quaye2019Manchester High School45-6 3.5
5Osbourne Richards2019Middletown High School45-6 3.5
7Kwesi Foster2018Windsor High School45-3.5 2
8Peter Tomaneli2018E.O. Smith High School45-2.5 1
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