Who's Going To NBNO From Nutmeg State?

Nutmegers at Nationals

By Marty Ogden

Connecticut athletes will be well represented at New Balance Outdoor Nationals this weekend.  If you can't make it down to Greensboro, NC you can watch all the action live at:


Here is the 2016 NBNO Schedule of Events and the athlete from Connecticut athletes that will take part in each event. 

 Friday, June 17, 2016                          

                                                                       Track Events


10:00 AM             9:45AM                 Emerging Elite - 4x800 Relay                        FINAL

                                                                Darien Tc-Ct -Boys

                                                                Glastonbury Tc-Ct- Boys                                      

                                                                Haddam-Killingworth Tc-Ct- Boys

                                                                Hamden Tc-Ct-Boys

                                                                Coginchaug Tc-Ct- Girls

                                                                Greenwich Tc-Ct- Girls

11:00 AM             10:40AM              BOYS - Emerging Elite - 110H                       Qualifying

                                                                Lucas Sumby                   16 Old Saybrook, CT


11:15 AM             11:00AM              GIRLS - Emerging Elite - 100H                      Qualifying


11:25 AM             11:15AM              Emerging Elite - One Mile Run                    FINAL

                                                                Ajax Diamandis                17 Norwalk (Brien McMahon), CT


12:05 PM             11:40AM              Emerging Elite - 100m                                     Qualifying


12:25 PM             12:10PM              Championship Swedish Relay (100-200-300-400)     FINAL

                                                                Bloomfield Tc-Ct-Boys

                                                                Danbury Tc-Ct- Boys

                                                                Bloomfield Tc-Ct-Girls

                                                                Windsor Tc-Ct-Girls


12:45 PM             12:30pm               100m Hurdles                                                    Heptathlon


12:55 PM             12:35PM              Emerging Elite - 4x200 Relay                        FINAL

                                                                Middletown Tc-Ct- Boys

                                                                Northwest Catholic Tc-Ct- Boys

                                                                Hamden Tc-Ct-Girls

                                                                Greenwich Tc-Ct-Girls

                                                                Classical Magnet Tc-Ct- boys

                                                                Greenwich Tc-Ct Boys

                                                                Tolland Tc-Ct- Boys

                                                                Berlin Tc-Ct- girls

                                                                Northwest Catholic Tc-Ct- girls

                                                                Plainfield Tc-Ct- Girls


1:35 PM                1:30PM                 Championship One Mile Racewalk           FINAL


1:55 PM                2:00PM                 Emerging Elite 1600 Medley                        FINAL

                                                                Bristol Central Tc-Ct- Boys


3:15 PM                3:45PM                 Freshman 100m                                                Qualifying


3:40 PM                4:30PM                 Freshman 400m                                                FINAL

                                                                Malcolm Going                19 Danbury, CT

                                                                Lillian Mars                          19 Bloomfield, CT             

Jordan Numme                19 Greenwich, CT


4:20 PM                5:10PM                 GIRLS - Emerging Elite - 100m Hurdles -  FINAL

4:25 PM                5:15PM                 BOYS - Emerging Elite - 110m Hurdles      FINAL


4:30 PM                5:20PM                 Emerging Elite 800 Medley                           FINAL

                                                                Bloomfield Tc-Ct-Boys

                                                                Classical Magnet Tc-Ct                                      

                                                                Danbury Tc-Ct    Boys                                          

Danbury Tc-Ct  'B' Boys                                     

Darien Tc-Ct     Boys                                           

Derby Tc-Ct  Boys

Masuk Tc-Ct boys

Middletown Tc-Ct Boys

Berlin Tc-Ct- Girls

Seymour Tc-Ct   Girls                                            

Southington Tc-Ct  Girls


5:10 PM                6:10PM                 Emerging Elite - 400m                                     FINAL

                                                                Daniel Linehan                                  16 Norwalk, CT                

Christian Mackay-Morgan            16 Simsbury, CT


5:40 PM                6:25PM                 Freshman 100m                                                FINAL

                                                                Malachi Lorick                19 Danbury, CT


5:45 PM                6:40PM                 Emerging Elite -100m                                      FINAL

5:50 PM                6:45PM                 Freshman 2 Mile                                              FINAL

6:15 PM                7:10PM                 200m                                                                     Heptathlon


6:25 PM                7:20PM                 Championship 5000 Meters                         FINAL

                                                                Brandon Murray                18 Cheshire, CT


                                                                  Field Events


11:30 AM                                            GIRLS - Freshman Long Jump (pit 1)         FINAL

                                                                Erica Marriott                19 Hartford (North Haven), CT


11:30 AM                                            BOYS - Freshman Long Jump (pit 2)          FINAL

                                                                Justin Forde    19 Norwalk (Brien McMahon), CT


12:00 PM             11:30AM              BOYS - Emerging Elite - Hammer               FINAL

                                                                Raheme Dawkins       16 Bloomfield, CT             

                                                                CJ Falcioni                   16 Seymour, CT

                                                                Christian Sturm               18 Bristol, CT


1:00 PM                                               GIRLS - Emerging Elite Pole Vault              FINAL


1:00 PM                                               BOYS - Emerging Elite Javelin                      FINAL

                                                                Raheme Dawkins       16 Bloomfield, CT             

Kyle Fisher                   17 Darien, CT                 

Cade Klarides-Ditria    19 Seymour, CT                

Joseph Lanni                 16 Greenwich, CT

Ed Sharpe                     17 Derby, CT                  

Nikolas Zarikos               16 New Canaan, CT 


2:00 PM                                               GIRLS - Emerging Elite Triple Jump (pit 2) FINAL

                                                                Adia Cavalier                 17 Bloomfield, CT


2:30 PM                                               High Jump                                                           Heptathlon


3:00 PM                2:30PM                 GIRLS - Emerging Elite Discus                      FINAL

                                                                Amanda Howe                   18 Southington, CT

                                                                Samantha Stevens              17 Shelton, CT


4:00 PM                                               BOYS - Emerging Elite High Jump               FINAL

                                                                DeAaron Lawrence              18 Middletown, CT


4:00 PM                                               GIRLS - Emerging Elite Javelin                     FINAL

                                                                Jess Barry                            17 Tolland, CT                

Nina D'Amato                  17 Berlin, CT                 

                                                                Jenna Dorosh                  17 Seymour, CT                

                                                                Lauren Oakes                  16 Bridgeport (Shelton), CT             

Taylor Robinson              17 Seymour, CT   


4:30 PM                                               Shot Put                                                               Heptathlon


5:00 PM                                               BOYS - Emerging Elite Pole Vault               FINAL

                                                                Marc DeLuca 17 Stamford (Westhill), CT


5:00 PM                                               BOYS - Emerging Elite Triple Jump             FINAL

                                                                O'Neil Brown   16 Hartford (Choate Rosemary Hall), CT

                                                                Tumani Edwards        17 Danbury, CT

                                                                Safir Scott                   17 Greenwich, CT


6:00 PM                5:30PM                 BOYS - Emerging Elite Discus                       FINAL


6:30 PM                                               GIRLS - Championship Javelin (infield)    FINAL

                                                                Annie Culliton                    16 Glastonbury, CT            

Samantha Moravsky       16 Sherman (Shepaug), CT                

                                                                Reece Schachne               16 Westport (Staples), CT               

Kaleigh Sherman              16 Avon, CT


Saturday, June 18, 2016

                                                                Track Events

9:15 AM                              Emerging Elite - 4x100 Relay                                        Qualifying

                                                Bristol Central Tc-Ct- Boys

                                                Berlin Tc-Ct- Girls

                                                Danbury Tc-Ct-Girls

                                                Greenwich Tc-Ct- Girls

                                                Jonathan Law Tc-Ct- Girls


9:45 AM                              Championship 4x200m Relay                                      FINAL

Danbury Tc-Ct- Boys

Windsor Tc-Ct-Boys

Danbury Tc-Ct-Girls

Windsor Tc-Ct-Girls


10:35 AM                            100m                                                                                     Decathlon

10:45 AM                            Championship 100m                                                       Qualifying

Mark Doyley                   17 Hartford (Weaver), CT


11:15 AM                            GIRLS - Championship 100m Hurdles                       Qualifying

Bridget Chiaravalle           17 Danbury, CT


11:30 AM                            BOYS - Championship 110m Hurdles                        Qualifying

11:55 AM                            Emerging Elite - 200m                                                     Qualifying


12:30 PM                            Championship 2000m SteepleChase                        FINAL

Mary Bibbey   18 Woodbury (Nonnewaug), CT


1:10 PM                               Championship 1600m Medley Relay                        FINAL

                                                Wethersfield Tc-Ct- Girls                                        

Windsor Tc-Ct-Boys

Coginchaug Tc-Ct -Girls                                           

Danbury Tc-Ct-Girls                                         

Greenwich Tc-Ct- Girls                                           

Greenwich Tc-Ct  'B'- Girls 

Tolland Tc-Ct - Girls                                              

Windsor Tc-Ct-Girls


2:20 PM                               800m                                                                                     Heptathlon

2:35 PM                               Emerging Elite - 200m                                                     FINAL

2:45 PM                               Championship 100m                                                       FINAL

2:55 PM                               Freshman Mile                                                                  FINAL

3:25 PM                               Championship 4 X Shuttle Hurdle Relay (Girls First)FINAL


4:10 PM                               Emerging Elite - 2 Mile Run                                          FINAL

                                                Ian Mickool                   16 Ridgefield, CT

                                                Drew Thompson          18 Trumbull (Fairfield Prep), CT

                                                Jody DiCicco                  16 Berlin, CT                 

                                                Samantha Drop            16 Durham (Coginchaug), CT


4:50 PM                               GIRLS - Championship 2 Mile Run (unseeded)    FINAL

5:05 PM                               BOYS - Championship 2 Mile Run (unseeded)     FINAL

5:20 PM                               Emerging Elite - 4x100 Relay #                                    FINAL


5:30 PM                               Championship 4x100m Relay                                      Qualifying

                                                Danbury Boys Tc-Ct

Middletown Boys Tc-Ct

Wethersfield Boys Tc-Ct

Bloomfield Tc-Ct-Girls

Windsor Tc-Ct-Girls


6:05 PM                               400m                                                                                     Decathlon


6:20 PM                               GIRLS - Championship 2 Mile Run (Top seeded section) FINAL

                                                Jessica Drop                  16 Durham (Coginchaug), CT


6:35 PM                               BOYS - Championship 2 Mile Run (Top seeded section) FINAL

                                                Gabriel Altopp                16 Ridgefield, CT


6:50 PM                               BOYS- Championship 110 H                                          FINAL

6:55 PM                               GIRLS- Championship 100H                                          FINAL


7:00 PM                               Championship 4x800m Relay                                      FINAL

                                                Danbury Boys Tc-Ct

                                                Tomahawk (Glastonbury) Girls Tc-Ct

                                                Ridgefield Girls Tc- Ct


                                                                     Field Events


9:00 AM               8:30AM                 Long Jump (pit 1)                                                             Heptathlon

9:00 AM               9:15AM                 GIRLS - Freshman Triple Jump (pit 2)                       FINAL

                                                                Emily Souza                   19 Danbury, CT


11:30 AM                                            Javelin                                                                                  Heptathlon

11:30 AM                                            BOYS - Emerging Elite - Shot Put                                                FINAL


12:00 PM                                            BOYS - Freshman Triple Jump (pit 2)                        FINAL

                                                                Justin Forde 19 Norwalk (Brien McMahon), CT

                                                                Allan Houston 19 Greenwich, CT


12:00 PM             11:30AM              GIRLS - Championship Discus                                      FINAL

12:00 PM                                            GIRLS - Championship Pole Vault (Unseeded Flight)                FINAL

12:00 PM                                            Long Jump (pit 1)                                                             Decathlon


1:30 PM                                               GIRLS - Emerging Elite High Jump (2 pits)               FINAL

                                                                Grace Goodwin                17 Ridgefield, CT             

                                                                Brianna Hoyt                      16 Granby, CT

                                                                Megan Knowling                   Ellington, CT              

Patricia Mroczkowski      19 Berlin, CT 

Kelly Ward                           17 Oxford, CT


2:30 PM                                               GIRLS Championship Triple Jump (pit 1)                 FINAL

                                                                Kenya Warner                  16 Windsor, CT


2:30 PM                                               Shot Put                                                                               Decathlon


3:00 PM                2:30PM                 GIRLS - Emerging Elite Hammer                                 FINAL

                                                                Erica Belvit                  16 Bloomfield, CT

                                                                Brittany Jones             17 Bloomfield, CT

                                                                Jesica Litwa                  16 Seymour, CT      


3:45 PM                                               BOYS - Championship Shot Put                                  FINAL

4:00 PM                                               GIRLS - Championship Pole Vault (Seeded Flight)    FINAL

4:00 PM                                               High Jump                                                                           Decathlon

5:00 PM                                               BOYS - Championship Triple Jump (pit 2)                               FINAL

6:00 PM                5:30PM                 BOYS - Championship Hammer                                  FINAL


6:00 PM                                               BOYS - Championship Javelin (infield)                     FINAL

                                                                Jack Weston                   16 Ridgefield, CT             

Richard Williams           16 Wethersfield, CT 


* Seeded and unseeded sections of the Championship Pole Vault to be contested simultaneously on adjacent runways.            

Sunday, June 19, 2016

                                                                          Track Events


8:00AM                 8:00AM                 110 Hurdles                                                                        Decathlon


8:10AM                 8:10AM                 Championship 4 Mile Relay                                          FINAL

                                                                Danbury Boys Tc-Ct


9:50AM                 9:40AM                 Emerging Elite Distance Medley Relay                    FINAL

                                                                Danbury Tc-Ct -Boys                                             

                                                                Darien Tc-Ct    -Boys                                            

                                                                Glastonbury Tc-Ct   -Boys                                      

Haddam-Killingworth Tc-Ct -Boys

Greenwich Tc-Ct- Girls

Haddam-Killingworth Tc-Ct -Girls                          

Ludlowe Tc-Ct -Girls

Southington Tc-Ct- Girls

                                                                Tomahawk (Glastonbury) Tc-Ct- Girls


10:30AM              10:35AM              Championship 800m Medley                                      FINAL

                                                                Bloomfield Tc-Ct-Boys

                                                                Classical Magnet Boys Tc-Ct

                                                                Danbury Boys Tc-Ct

                                                                Danbury Boys Tc-Ct "B"

                                                                Greenwich Boys Tc-Ct

                                                                New Canaan Boys Tc-Ct

                                                                Northwest Catholic Boys Tc-Ct

                                                                Seymour Boys Tc-Ct                                               

Shelton Boys Tc-Ct                                               

Simsbury Boys Tc-Ct 

                                                                Wethersfield Boys Tc-Ct                                          

Windsor Boys Tc-Ct

                                                                Bloomfield Girls Tc-Ct

Danbury Tc-Ct-Girls                                         

Danbury Tc-Ct-Girls  'B'                                    

Danbury Tc-Ct-Girls  'C'

Greenwich Tc-Ct Girls                                             

Greenwich Tc-Ct Girls 'B'                                        

Hamden Tc-Ct-Girls

Northwest Catholic Tc-Ct Girls

Ridgefield Tc-Ct-Girls

Windsor Tc-Ct-Girls


11:15AM              12:10PM              Emerging Elite 800m                                                       FINAL

                                                                Jonathan Gill                  16 Wallingford (Lyman Memorial), CT

                                                                Allie Alsup                      17 Durham (Coginchaug), CT

                                                                Katherine Jasminski      17 Ridgefield, CT

Mia Nahom                    17 New Milford, CT             

Emily Philippides           18 Greenwich, CT


11:50AM              12:35PM              Emerging Elite 400m Hurdles                                       FINAL

                                                                Elliott Paintsil              16 Hamden, CT


12:15PM              1:15PM                 Championship 400m Hurdles - All but top section     FINAL

                                                                Gabby Curtis                  16 New Haven, CT


12:30PM              1:50PM                 Championship 200m                                                       Qualifying

Mark Doyley                   17 Hartford (Weaver), CT


12:55PM              2:40PM                 Emerging Elite 4x400m Relay                                       FINAL

                                                                Avon Old Farms Tc-Ct -Boys

                                                                Middletown Tc-Ct- Boys

                                                                Bloomfield Tc-Ct-Girls

                                                                Danbury Tc-Ct-Girls

                                                                Ridgefield Tc-Ct-Girls


1:25PM                 3:25PM                 Championship 800m - All but top section               FINAL

Tyler Gleen                   17 Shelton (Trumbull), CT  


2:00 PM                3:40PM                 Championship 400m - All but Top section              FINAL

Elijah Young                  16 Wethersfield, CT


2:25 PM                4:10PM                 Championship One Mile - All but Top section      FINAL

Zakeer Ahmad               17 Westport (Staples), CT

Randall Neish                 16 Glastonbury, CT            

                                                                Armstrong Noonan      16 Darien, CT

                                                                Jessica Drop                  16 Durham, CT


3:05 PM                4:20PM                 Championship 4x400 - Unseeded Sections           FINAL

                                                                Danbury Boys Tc-Ct

                                                                Windsor Boys Tc-Ct

                                                                Bloomfield Girls Tc- Ct

Greenwich Girls Tc-Ct

                                                                Tomahawk (Glastonbury) Girls Tc-Ct

                                                                Wilbur Cross Girls Tc- Ct


3:50 PM                5:05PM                 CELEBRATION CEREMONY           

4:00 PM                5:20PM                 Championship 400m Hurdles - Girls                          FINAL

4:05 PM                5:25PM                 Championship 400m Hurdles- Boys                          FINAL

4:10 PM                5:30PM                 Championship 4x100m Relay                                      FINAL

4:20 PM                5:35PM                 Championship 800m - Seeded Section                    FINAL

4:30 PM                5:45PM                 1500m                                                                                   Decathlon

4:45 PM                5:50PM                 Championship 400m - Seeded Section                    FINAL

4:55 PM                6:00PM                 Championship One Mile - Seeded Section            FINAL

5:10 PM                6:10PM                 Championship 200m -                                                    FINAL


5:20 PM                6:20PM                 Championship Distance Medley Relay                    FINAL

Brien McMahon Tc-Ct- Boys                                         

Ridgefield Tc-Ct-Boys          

Immaculate Tc-Ct- Girls                                            

New Milford Tc-Ct - Girls                                          

Tolland Tc-Ct- Girls          


5:45 PM                6:50PM                 Championship 4x400m Relay - Seeded Section   FINAL     


                                                                                Field Events


9:00 AM                                              Discus                                                                                   Decathlon


9:00 AM                                              BOYS - Emerging Elite Long Jump (pit 1)                 FINAL

                                                                Isaac Floyd                          17 Greenwich, CT

                                                                Bobby Melms                    18 Seymour, CT

                                                                Devin Shelton                    17 Tolland, CT


9:00 AM                                              GIRLS - Emerging Elite Long Jump (pit 2)                 FINAL

                                                                Janaia Skibitcky              16 Cheshire, CT


9:00 AM                                              BOYS - Championship Pole Vault - (Unseeded Flight) FINAL


10:00 AM                                            GIRLS - Emerging Elite Shot Put                                  FINAL

                                                                Brittany Jones                17 Bloomfield, CT


10:30 AM                                            Pole Vault                                                                           Decathlon


11:00 AM             10:30AM              GIRLS - Championship Hammer                                 FINAL

                                                                Erica Belvit                          16 Bloomfield, CT             

Amanda Howe                 18 Southington, CT            

Brittany Jones                   17 Bloomfield, CT


11:00 AM                                            BOYS - Championship High Jump                               FINAL

                                                                Safir Scott                            17 Greenwich, CT


12:00 PM                                            BOYS - Championship Long Jump (pit 1)                 FINAL

                                                                Zaheem Anderson            16 Bloomfield, CT


1:00 PM                                               GIRLS - Championship Shot Put                                 FINAL

                                                                Brittany Jones                17 Bloomfield, CT

                                                                Samantha Stevens         17 Shelton, CT


2:00 PM                1:30PM                 BOYS - Championship Discus                                       FINAL

                                                                Geoff Kirk                           16 Avon, CT


2:00 PM                                               Javelin (outside stadium)                                             Decathlon


2:00 PM                                               GIRLS - Championship High Jump                              FINAL

                                                                Olivia Sullivan               17 Norwalk (Greens Farm Academy)


2:30 PM                                               BOYS - Championship Pole Vault (Seeded Flight)     FINAL

3:00 PM                                               GIRLS - Championship Long Jump (pit 2)                                FINAL