Virtual Boys CIAC Class L Championships

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The boys Class L Championships will be this Thursday at the Floyd Little Athletic Center in New Haven with a start time of 4 pm.  

Last year Hall High School won the 4 x 400m to give then a 50-48 victory over Middletown.  Hall will look to repeat and will need to rely on their strong distance events and relays.  New Milford should give Hall a run for the title and while they are more known for distance runners, this year they are much stronger in the throws, sprints and jumps.  Check out the Class L start list to see where each team put their runners in the meet.

Below are the projected team scores and top seeds based on each team's season best performances from the Milesplit database.  


Boys Class L Projected Team Scores

1William Hall High School62.2
2New Milford High School54
3Amity High School38
4Wilbur Cross High School35.2
5Windsor High School29
6Hartford Public High School26
7Darien High School25.5
8Middletown High School25
9Bunnell High School24
10New Canaan High School22
11Bristol Central High School18
12Daniel Hand High School16.2
13Wethersfield High School16
14Notre Dame-West Haven14.2
15Wilton High School14
16Fitch High School11.7
17Naugatuck High School11
18Masuk High School9
19E.O. Smith High School6
19South Windsor High School6
21John F. Kennedy High School1
21North Haven High School1

55 Meter Dash

1Leon Campbell2018Hartford Public High School6.51 10
2Garrett Dandridge2018Middletown High School6.56 8
3Jayvon Freeman2018Wilbur Cross High School6.63 6
4Deshaun Bradshaw2018Middletown High School6.66 4
5Christ N'dabian2019Bunnell High School6.69 2
6Conor Mahoney2019Masuk High School6.70 1
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300 Meter Dash

1Christopher Colbert2018Wilton High School35.36 10
2Garrett Dandridge2018Middletown High School35.71 8
3Marcus Manson2018Windsor High School35.97 6
4Leon Campbell2018Hartford Public High School36.31 4
5Andre Valentine2018Hartford Public High School36.43 2
6Aren Seeger2018Naugatuck High School36.48 1
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600 Meter Run

1Marcus Manson2018Windsor High School1:23.02 10
2Miller Anderson2019William Hall High School1:24.01 8
3Charles Osborne2018New Milford High School1:24.02 6
4Michael Tarby2018New Milford High School1:25.97 4
5Oliver Knight2018Darien High School1:27.63 2
6Brad Schweikert2018North Haven High School1:27.96 1
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1,000 Meter Run

1Miller Anderson2019William Hall High School2:36.19 10
2Trey Cormier2019William Hall High School2:36.59 8
3Dylan Rendon2019William Hall High School2:38.60 6
4Alexander Klarer2018Darien High School2:38.92 4
5Tom Readett2018Fitch High School2:40.53 2
6Cole Canarie2018William Hall High School2:42.01 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Mark Petrosky2020Bristol Central High School4:33.31 10
2Travis Martin2019Wilbur Cross High School4:34.07 8
3Griffin Ott2018Darien High School4:34.40 6
4Ian Carpenter2018Amity High School4:37.26 4
5Matt Lecky2019Middletown High School4:37.49 2
6Musa Hussain2019Wilbur Cross High School4:38.32 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Connor Visnic2019Amity High School9:35.21 10
2Jake Mattei2018Amity High School9:38.94 8
3Eli Nahom2019New Milford High School9:55.07 6
4Andrew Burford2018Amity High School9:56.26 4
5Ben Carlson2018Middletown High School10:01.05 2
6Trey Cormier2019William Hall High School10:04.95 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Aren Seeger2018Naugatuck High School7.74 10
2Sean Knight2018New Canaan High School7.82 8
3Ramsley Exantus2018Bunnell High School8.08 6
4Richard Papa2019Amity High School8.09 4
5Elijah Ortiz2018Bristol Central High School8.25 2
6Jaymin Torres2019Middletown High School8.44 1
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Hartford Public High School1:30.95 10
2Bunnell High School1:33.56 8
3Masuk High School1:33.88 6
4Windsor High School1:34.02 4
5Bristol Central High School1:34.11 2
6Wilbur Cross High School1:34.42 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1New Milford High School3:31.12 10
2Windsor High School3:31.63 8
3Daniel Hand High School3:31.78 6
4Wilton High School3:35.25 4
5William Hall High School3:35.70 2
6Bristol Central High School3:36.64 1
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Sprint Medley Relay

1William Hall High School3:44.41 10
2New Milford High School3:45.93 8
3New Canaan High School3:48.83 6
4Fitch High School3:49.87 4
5Masuk High School3:50.19 2
6Wilbur Cross High School3:50.69 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1William Hall High School8:20.57 10
2Amity High School8:21.57 8
3Daniel Hand High School8:27.17 6
4Wilbur Cross High School8:31.91 4
5Bristol Central High School8:37.61 2
6John F. Kennedy High School8:37.77 1
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Long Jump

1Ja'syn Jones2018Wilbur Cross High School21-11 10
2Jonathan Cineus2018Bunnell High School21-4.75 8
3Georg Stoughton2018Wethersfield High School20-9 6
4Kevin Batternay2018New Milford High School19-11.5 4
5Kobe Stigler2019E.O. Smith High School19-10.5 2
6Hunter Peterson2019Bristol Central High School19-10 1
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High Jump

1Georg Stoughton2018Wethersfield High School6-4 10
2Caleb Nugent2019Daniel Hand High School6-0 4.2
2Darrell Mickey2018William Hall High School6-0 4.2
2Kenneth Cloud2018Wilbur Cross High School6-0 4.2
2Nicholas Petruzzelli2018Notre Dame-West Haven6-0 4.2
2Tyler Nelli2019Fitch High School6-0 4.2
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Pole Vault

1Nicholas Petruzzelli2018Notre Dame-West Haven13-8 10
2Kieran Daly2019Darien High School12-6 6
2Patrick Bell2018South Windsor High School12-6 6
2Zachary Matson2018New Milford High School12-6 6
5Alex Schwindt2018Fitch High School12-0 1.5
5Henry Vossler2018Darien High School12-0 1.5
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Shot Put

1Jacob Meadows2018New Milford High School48-11 10
2Jack Conley2019New Canaan High School48-9 8
3Michael Neary2018Darien High School48-3.5 6
4Peter Tominelli2018E.O. Smith High School46-8.25 4
5Brandon Beecher2018William Hall High School46-4.5 2
6Kwesi Foster2018Windsor High School46-4.25 1
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