CCC Preview: Girls

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Defending champions Bloomfield lost a lot to graduation, but will still be in the mix.  Glastonbury is a well balanced team and is looking to move up from last year's runner up spot.

Dinedye Denis has taken her speed from Kansas to Simsbury and has shaken up the league with her top ranked performances in the 55m and 300m.  

While there will be plenty of Glastonbury's blue and white in the distance events, they will have to  contend with Rocky Hill sophomore Elizabeth Stockman who has CT #2 times in the 1600m and 3200m.

Megan Biscoglio of Southington is undefeated against state competitors and is looking to improve her 12'1 PR by three inches to qualify for New Balance Indoor Nationals championship sections.  

Her teammate Amanda Howe has ruled the shot put this season with a PR of 41'4.75 and has qualified for New Balance Indoor nationals. The senior has committed to Iowa University and will be looking to earn her first of many championships this season.  

Bloomfield will get most of their points in the field with their throwers and jumpers hoping to bring big points for their title defense.  Monique Anderson has already made NBIN Emerging Elite in the high jump and is seeded high in the long jump.  Her teammate Jahleah Harris is the defending State Open champion in the LJ and currently has the 3rd best jump in the state.  Bloomfield throwers are also looking to score multiple people in the shot like they do most year.  

   CCC Projected Team Scores 

1Glastonbury High School136.5
2Bloomfield High School95.5
3Rocky Hill High School55
4Windsor High School49.5
5Southington High School47
6Simsbury High School35
8Manchester High School22
9Berlin High School19
9Northwest Catholic High School19
11Tolland High School13.5
12William Hall High School11
13East Catholic High School8.25
14Maloney High School7
14Middletown High School7
16Weaver High School6
17Hartford Public High School5.5
18Bulkeley High School5
18East Hartford High School5
18Rham High School5
21Bristol Central High School4
22Wethersfield High School3.25
23E.O. Smith High School3

55 Meter Dash

1,000 Meter Run

1Grace Sparrow2019Glastonbury High School3:08.28 10
2Erin Mcgill2018Glastonbury High School3:08.77 8
3Angela Braga2019Glastonbury High School3:08.96 6
4Kaylen Hughes2018Glastonbury High School3:10.36 5
5Lilah Devine2019Rocky Hill High School3:11.15 4
6Kate Kemnitz2019Southington High School3:12.59 3
7Liana Eisler2019Conard3:13.14 2
8Kathryn Shea2018Northwest Catholic High School3:13.22 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Elizabeth Stockman2020Rocky Hill High School5:13.91 10
2Alexandra Ross2018Glastonbury High School5:18.36 8
3Kaylen Hughes2018Glastonbury High School5:22.94 6
4Kate Hedlund2020Manchester High School5:24.41 5
5Angela Braga2019Glastonbury High School5:25.05 4
6Grace Sparrow2019Glastonbury High School5:26.81 3
7Lilah Devine2019Rocky Hill High School5:30.29 2
8Hannah Sullivan2019Manchester High School5:33.33 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Elizabeth Stockman2020Rocky Hill High School11:24.58 10
2Alexandra Ross2018Glastonbury High School11:34.78 8
3Kate Hedlund2020Manchester High School11:38.65 6
4Angela Braga2019Glastonbury High School11:56.17 5
5Kaylen Hughes2018Glastonbury High School11:57.73 4
6Brittany Anderson2018Glastonbury High School11:59.73 3
7Juliana Cancellier2020Berlin High School12:02.06 2
8Ariana Monarca2020Middletown High School12:04.94 1
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55 Meter Hurdles

1Katherine Jacobs2018Northwest Catholic High School8.61 10
2Sophie Kisner2020East Catholic High School9.28 8
3Nasharie Davis2018Middletown High School9.30 6
4Keya Ghosh2020Glastonbury High School9.76 5
5Olivia Bowes2019William Hall High School9.81 4
6Julia Chrostowski2018Wethersfield High School9.83 3
7Marcela Rose2019Tolland High School9.93 2
8Olivia Doremus2018E.O. Smith High School9.95 0.5
8Wenesha Stewart2019Hartford Public High School9.95 0.5
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4x200 Meter Relay

1Windsor High School1:46.44 10
2Bloomfield High School1:48.09 8
3Conard1:48.71 6
4Rham High School1:50.67 5
5Berlin High School1:50.72 4
6Rocky Hill High School1:50.80 3
7Southington High School1:50.97 2
8Simsbury High School1:51.71 1
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Sprint Medley Relay

1Rocky Hill High School4:25.00 10
2Bloomfield High School4:30.48 8
3Glastonbury High School4:32.81 6
4Windsor High School4:33.15 5
5Northwest Catholic High School4:35.43 4
6Southington High School4:37.12 3
7Manchester High School4:39.00 2
8Tolland High School4:39.60 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Bloomfield High School4:07.55 10
2Glastonbury High School4:08.67 8
3Rocky Hill High School4:13.59 6
4Windsor High School4:14.25 5
5Simsbury High School4:18.99 4
6Southington High School4:19.98 3
7East Hartford High School4:20.36 2
8William Hall High School4:21.30 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Glastonbury High School9:31.72 10
2Manchester High School9:51.96 8
3Simsbury High School10:04.98 6
4Berlin High School10:17.47 5
5Rocky Hill High School10:31.89 4
6Windsor High School10:39.61 3
7Southington High School10:41.03 2
8E.O. Smith High School10:42.33 1
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Long Jump

1Jahleah Harris2018Bloomfield High School17-5 10
2Monique Anderson2018Bloomfield High School17-0 8
3Olivia Bowes2019William Hall High School16-8 6
4Khaila Bailey2020Bulkeley High School16-7.5 5
5Hope Belvit2020Bloomfield High School16-5.75 4
6Shenequa Campbell2019Bloomfield High School16-3.25 3
7Allison Schneider2020Conard16-1.5 2
8Shy-ann Whitten2018Bristol Central High School15-9 1
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High Jump

1Monique Anderson2018Bloomfield High School5-5 10
2Patricia Mroczkowski2019Berlin High School5-4 8
3Tianna St. Louis2020Tolland High School5-3 6
4Sydney Garrison2020Southington High School5-2 5
5Allie Brown2018Southington High School5-0 3
5Allison Schneider2020Conard5-0 3
5Shy-ann Whitten2018Bristol Central High School5-0 3
8Allison Schindler2020Glastonbury High School4-10 0.25
8Julia Chrostowski2018Wethersfield High School4-10 0.25
8Kiera Pearlman2019Glastonbury High School4-10 0.25
8Nicole Dibenedetto2019East Catholic High School4-10 0.25
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Pole Vault

1Megan Biscoglio2018Southington High School12-1 10
2Hannah Cloutier2018Maloney High School10-0 7
2Madeleine Watson2019Glastonbury High School10-0 7
4Megan Plummer2018Glastonbury High School9-0 5
5Marissa Airoldi2018Tolland High School8-6 3.5
5Zoe Kaputa2019Glastonbury High School8-6 3.5
7Claire Ittleson2019Conard8-0 1.5
7Haley Jaquith2019E.O. Smith High School8-0 1.5
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Shot Put

1Amanda Howe2018Southington High School41-4.75 10
2Justyce Wilson2018Bloomfield High School35-6.5 8
3Trinity Cardillo2020Southington High School35-2 6
4Alliya Boothe2020Bloomfield High School34-8 5
5Bennie Alula2018Hartford Public High School34-1 4
6Naomi Boisette2018East Hartford High School33-11.5 3
7Otisha Williams2020Bloomfield High School32-7 2
8Wenesha Stewart2019Hartford Public High School32-3.5 1
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