Class L Predictions: Who You Got?

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The CIAC class meets are upon us.  Here are the predictions for Tuesday's boys Class L Championships based on the performances from the CT.milesplit database.  

Team Scores

1Middletown High School93
2Daniel Hand High School91
3Manchester High School76.5
4New Milford High School67
5William Hall High School55
6Fairfield Warde49
7Simsbury High School42.5
8Fairfield Ludlowe38
9Darien High School29
10Wilton High School24
11Bristol Central High School23
12Notre Dame High School20.33
13Hartford Public High School17.5
14Wilbur Cross High School13.5
15Wethersfield High School13
16Naugatuck High School12.33
17Maloney High School9
18Crosby High School8
20West Haven7
21South Windsor High School5
22Farmington High School0.33

100 Meter Dash

1Deshaun Bradshaw2018Middletown High School10.89 10
2Leon Campbell2018Hartford Public High School10.96 8
3Qasim Danazumi2018Fairfield Warde11.04 6
4Nico Cavaliere2018Middletown High School11.08 5
5Malcolm Grate2018Hartford Public High School11.16 4
6Kaynan Conrod2017Bristol Central High School11.17 3
7Abdul Aremu2017West Haven11.18 2
8Jevin Frett2018Manchester High School11.19 0.5
8Naz Torrence-robinson2018Wilbur Cross High School11.19 0.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Jevin Frett2018Manchester High School21.34 10
2Garrett Dandridge2018Middletown High School22.11 8
3Deshaun Bradshaw2018Middletown High School22.31 6
4Max Veth2017Daniel Hand High School22.34 5
5Christopher Colbert2018Wilton High School22.45 4
6Kaynan Conrod2017Bristol Central High School22.46 3
7Abdul Aremu2017West Haven22.70 2
8Josh Prell2017Simsbury High School22.76 0.5
8Leon Campbell2018Hartford Public High School22.76 0.5
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400 Meter Dash


Jevin Frett

2018Manchester High School48.74 10
2Max Veth2017Daniel Hand High School49.05 8
3Christopher Colbert2018Wilton High School49.35 6
4Justin Mcmillan2017Middletown High School49.70 5
5Josh Prell2017Simsbury High School49.89 4
6David Bowes2020Bristol Central High School50.10 3
7Warren Murphy2019Notre Dame High School50.40 2
8Qasim Danazumi2018Fairfield Warde50.64 1
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800 Meter Run

1Ian Bartlett2018Fairfield Ludlowe1:54.13 10
2Charles Osborne2018New Milford High School1:57.26 8
3Alex Mocarski2018Fairfield Warde1:57.64 6
4Joe Pearl2018Manchester High School1:58.53 5
5James Johnson2017Darien High School1:59.72 4
6Joey Ciccarelli2017Fairfield Warde2:00.10 3
7Moroni Lima2017New Milford High School2:00.34 2
8Carlos Flores2017Wilbur Cross High School2:00.41 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Patrick Cassidy2017William Hall High School4:24.50 10
2Solomon Davis2018Simsbury High School4:25.24 8
3Miller Anderson2019William Hall High School4:26.90 6
4Griffin Ott2018Darien High School4:29.86 5
5Aaron Breene2017Wilton High School4:30.60 4
6Herlandt Lino2017New Milford High School4:31.38 3
7Trey Cormier2019William Hall High School4:31.43 2
8Ian Bartlett2018Fairfield Ludlowe4:32.81 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Aaron Breene2017Wilton High School9:23.51 10
2Alex Mocarski2018Fairfield Warde9:23.61 8
3Eli Nahom2019New Milford High School9:41.30 6
4Robert Moore2018Pomperaug9:41.35 5
5William Brisman2017Fairfield Warde9:44.60 4
6David Bates2017Fairfield Ludlowe9:45.54 3
7James Maniscalco2018Fairfield Warde9:46.27 2
8Patrick Cassidy2017William Hall High School9:47.64 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Laurenzo Thompkins2017Middletown High School14.93 10
2Connor Blodgett2017William Hall High School15.16 8
3Troy Lefler2017Daniel Hand High School15.33 6
4Jordon Wilkins2017Crosby High School15.34 5
5David Harvey2017Fairfield Warde15.38 4
6Aren Seeger2018Naugatuck High School15.49 3
7Isreal Adesina2017Manchester High School15.86 2
8Eric Goicochea2017Manchester High School16.03 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Connor Blodgett2017William Hall High School39.03 10
2Aren Seeger2018Naugatuck High School39.65 8
3Matt Parker2017Daniel Hand High School40.02 6
4Leon Campbell2018Hartford Public High School40.06 5
5Laurenzo Thompkins2017Middletown High School40.41 4
6Elijah Ortiz2018Bristol Central High School41.88 3
7Kevin Colon-quinones2018West Haven42.00 2
8Greyson Mcgeary2019Daniel Hand High School42.05 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Middletown High School42.40 10
2Middletown High School43.35 8
3Bristol Central High School43.93 6
4Wethersfield High School44.01 5
5Bristol Central High School44.29 4
6William Hall High School44.49 3
7Fairfield Warde44.54 2
8West Haven44.55 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Middletown High School3:24.02 10
2Manchester High School3:24.67 8
3Daniel Hand High School3:25.02 6
4Daniel Hand High School3:26.54 5
5William Hall High School3:27.07 4
6Fairfield Warde3:27.70 3
7Fairfield Ludlowe3:28.00 2
8New Milford High School3:29.06 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Fairfield Ludlowe8:00.24 10
2Simsbury High School8:05.14 8
3William Hall High School8:10.11 6
4New Milford High School8:11.63 5
5Daniel Hand High School8:14.00 4
6Pomperaug8:14.73 3
7Wilbur Cross High School8:22.04 2
8Bristol Central High School8:31.92 1
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Long Jump

1Ja'syn Jones2018Wilbur Cross High School21-10 10
2Isreal Adesina2017Manchester High School21-9.25 8
3Israel Adesina2017Manchester High School21-7.25 6
4Jordan Ware2017Manchester High School20-9 5
5Darrell Mickey2018William Hall High School20-7.75 4
6Troy Lefler2017Daniel Hand High School20-7 3
7Kevin Batternay2018New Milford High School20-5.5 2
8Bailey Mortensen2017Naugatuck High School20-5 0.333
8David Bamgoye2017Notre Dame High School20-5 0.333
8Kevin Gabree2019Farmington High School20-5 0.333
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High Jump

1Deaaron Lawrence2018Middletown High School6-2 10
2Yazeed Amadou2020Manchester High School6-0 8
3Dan Parker2019Wethersfield High School5-10 3
3Devon Mcshane2017Daniel Hand High School5-10 3
3Elias Mbaya2017Crosby High School5-10 3
3Jordan Ware2017Manchester High School5-10 3
3Michael Healey2017Daniel Hand High School5-10 3
3Nicholas Petruzzelli2018Notre Dame High School5-10 3
3Quincy Heinrich2018Daniel Hand High School5-10 3
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Triple Jump

1David Harvey2017Fairfield Warde42-10 10
2Javion Beasley2017Fairfield Ludlowe42-9.25 8
3Josh Silvester2017Manchester High School42-6 6
4David Bamgoye2017Notre Dame High School42-3 5
5Kevin Batternay2018New Milford High School41-10 4
6Stevenson Paul2017Wethersfield High School41-8.5 3
7Michael Meng2017New Milford High School41-7.5 2
8Shawn Akomeah0Manchester High School41-6 1
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Pole Vault

1Terrence Cook2017Simsbury High School14-7 10
2Devon Mcshane2017Daniel Hand High School14-0 8
3Nicholas Petruzzelli2018Notre Dame High School13-3 6
4Patrick Bell2018South Windsor High School13-0 5
5Jackson Hemphill2019Fairfield Ludlowe12-6 4
6Kieran Daly2019Darien High School12-0 3
7Henry Vossler2018Darien High School11-6 1
7Zachary Matson2018New Milford High School11-6 1
7Zachary Koslosky2019Naugatuck High School11-6 1
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1Devon Mcshane2017Daniel Hand High School175-2 10
2Craig Shanahan2017New Milford High School174-5 8
3Kyle Fisher2017Darien High School165-9 6
4John Guest2017Maloney High School163-2 5
5Nicholas Petruzzelli2018Notre Dame High School155-4 4
6Dylan Drescher2018Middletown High School152-5 3
7Mike Alessandra0Wethersfield High School152-4 2
8Burke Martindale2017William Hall High School152-3 1
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1Mike Burchell2018Daniel Hand High School148-7 10
2Jacob Meadows2018New Milford High School134-1 8
3Jonathan Prell2019Simsbury High School131-9 6
4Craig Shanahan2017New Milford High School130-10 5
5Danie Stevenson2017Maloney High School130-3 4
6Dylan Drescher2018Middletown High School128-6 3
7Michael Neary2018Darien High School125-6 2
8Nate Quaye2019Manchester High School123-7 1
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Shot Put

1Mike Burchell2018Daniel Hand High School50-1 10
2Michael Neary2018Darien High School47-3 8
3Jonathan Prell2019Simsbury High School45-10 6
4Jacob Meadows2018New Milford High School45-6.5 5
5Craig Shanahan2017New Milford High School45-4.75 3.5
5Jesse Meadows0New Milford High School45-4.75 3.5
7Nate Quaye2019Manchester High School45-3 2
8Osbourne Richards2019Middletown High School43-7.25 1
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