Patriot Relays, New Event with Seldom Run Events at Coventry

Here is your chance to set school or conference records.  Coventry High School's coach Bill Vanderrest is putting on a unique meet that will offer teams and individuals the opportunity to obtain performances in several events held at the New Balance Outdoor Nationals including relays and the Pentathlon. There are no entry standards for any event.

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The pentathlon is an event where an athlete competes in the 110 or 100HH, high jump, long jump, shot put and the girls finish with the 800m and the boys run the 1500m.  

The shuttle hurdles have four hurdlers running back and fourth on the home straightaway over 110HH or 100HH.  The outgoing runner can't start until the incoming runner crosses the finish line.  

All four medley relays will be competed as well.  The distance medley and 1600m sprint medley are often competed, but there is also the 800 and Swedish medley relays.  The 800m SMR is a race in which runners run legs of 100, 100, 200 and 400m.  The Swedish medley is and interesting combination of runners who run 100m, 200m, 300m and 400m.

Connecticut was one of the few states in the country that conducted the 5000m in their state championships for over 20 years.  When the event was discontinued in the early 2000s, there were few opportunities for true distance runners to show their talent.  

Finally, the hammer throw is often competed in Rhode Island and some invitationals in CT.  The CIAC even has a state championship for the event along with the steeplechase and multi events at the end of the season.  This will be one more chance to compete in the event that you can earn a state championship medal at the end of the season.

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Track Events - 10:10am Performances in parenthesis are qualifying marks for New Balance Outdoor Nationals in Greensburo on June 16-18.  EE are qualifying marks for the Emerging Elite sections.  

(Boys then Girls unless noted otherwise)

  • Girl's 100m Shuttle Hurdle Relay       (girls 65.0)
  • Boy's 110m Shuttle Hurdle Relay      (boys 1:03.0)
  • 4k Distance Medley Relay                 (boys 10:17, gjrls 12:10)       (EE boys 10:34, EE girls 12:32)
  • 4x200m Relay                                    (boys 1:29.6,  girls 1:43.7)     (EE boys 1:31.3, EE girls 1:44.0)
  • JV 400m Run
  • 800m Sprint Medley Relay (1-1-2-4) (boys 1:35.5, girls 1:51.5) (EE boys 1:37.5, EE girls 1:54.0)
  • JV 1-Mile Run
  • 400m Intermediate Hurdles             (boys 54.14 girls 62.44)   (EE boys 54.94, EE girls 63.54)
  • 1000m Swedish Relay (1-2-3-4)      (boys 1:58.0 , girls 2:16.0) 
  • 5000m Run                                         (boys 14:45.0, girls 18:00.0)
  • 1600m Sprint Medley Relay              (boys 3:34.0, girls 4:13.0)     (EE boys 3:38.0, EE girls 4:17.0)
  • 800m Sprint Medley Relay (1-1-2-4) (boys 1:35.5 , girls 1:51.5)     (EE boys 1:37.5, EE girls 1:54.0)

Jumping Event Relays - 10:00am

  • Girl's Pole Vault followed by Boys           (boys 15'7,  girls 12'4)      (EE boys 14'7.25, EE girls 11'9)
  • Boy's Long Jump followed by Girls         (boys 23'1, girls 19'0)       (EE boys 22'3, EE girls 18'6)
  • Boy's High Jump followed by Girls         (boys 6'6.75, girls 5'6)      (EE boys 6'4.5, EE girls 5'4)
  • Girl's Triple Jump followed by Boys       (boys 46'4  girls 39'2)        (EE boys 45'0, EE girls 38'2)

Throwing Event Relays - 9:30am

  • Boy's Shot put                                           (boys 57'0)                      (EE boys 52'6)
  • Girl's Discus Throw                                   (girls 138'0)                    (EE girls 127'0)
  • Boy's Javelin Throw followed by Girls   (boys 184'0 girls 124'0) (EE boys 165'0, EE girls 108'0)
  • Girl's Shot Put                                           (girls 43'3) )                    (EE girls 40'6)
  • Boy's Discus Throw                                  (boys 173'0)                   (EE boys 158'0)

Throwing Event:

  • Boy's Hammer Throw followed by Girls (boys 173'0, girls 141'0)  (boys EE 135'0, EE girls 125'0)